Hot Water Sink Adapter
Fill your RinseKit with hot or cold water from your sink
Comes with male and female threads
Easy to use and is included with the Pod and Plus

Hot Water Sink Adapter


Only left in stock

Now you can add hot water to your RinseKit! Or, if you live in an apartment or condo and don't have access to a spigot, you can fill your RinseKit.

Simply screw this adapter to your sink faucet and quickly fill your RinseKit with hot, cold, or warm water.


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Rosario A.
Customer Review

Just what i needed. Thank you. Fast shipping

Amy T.
Customer Review

i bought this item due to the fact that I got the rinse kit at costco and it did not have all parts in it ... I was going to take it back ti Costco but I really wanted the KIT ... Now everything is in working order Thanks

Hooman A.
Customer Review

This one item should be included with the Rinse Kit. The one I ordered from Amazon came without one. I own my own brick and mortar so I get selling accessories. Great product overall! I love washing my feet next to my car while I listen to music after paddle boarding with friends. "Great water gun", said the 43 year old.

Charlotte K.
Customer Review

The RinseKit is a terrific product and the high quality faucet adapter really saves the day for those in apartments. (Added a screened washer so the adapter stays on all the time and catches debris from the hot water tank. Really great product. Thanks very much!

Good for apartments

I live in an apartment and don’t have a hose spigot so this adapter lets me fill up my RinseKit from the sink. It’s nice too because I fill up my RinseKit with hot water.