Pressure Booster Pump adds pressure to your RinseKit
Pressurize your RinseKit when you don't have a hose bib or sink
Fits in the Plus or Pod models
RinseKit Pump is easy to use
Easy to pump in pressure
Best RinseKit accessory
Pressure Booster Pump

Pressure Booster Pump

Pressurize your RinseKit without a hose bib or sink with RinseKit's Pressure Booster Pump!


Don't have access to a hose spigot or sink? Simply pour still water into your RinseKit and then pump in the pressure with our Pressure Booster Pump.  It's also perfect for adding pressure to your RinseKit if you have low water pressure at home. Increases spray time by 25%!


  • Screws into one of the accessory ports on your RinseKit and can remain there
  • Built in pressure gauge for safe handling (Will only read PSI inside tank when pump is in motion, not when it only sits in the tank.)
  • Compatible with RinseKit Pod, Plus, and Lux models only
  • NOT Compatible with original black or white RinseKit