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RinseKit Plus with Pressure Booster Pump
2 gallon tank
Pressure Booster Pump
RinseKit Wash Hands on the Go
Hot Water Sink Adapter
Best Portable Shower
Portable Shower for Beach
Wash your gear on the go
Portable shower for outdoors
RinseKit has 5 spray settings: Jet, Mist, Shower, Center
Maximize pressure for more efficient spray
Heater and Pump accessories- Hot pressurized water anywhere
Sprays Hard for Minutes
Wash your hands

RinseKit® PLUS with Pressure Booster Pump (Sprays 5 minutes)

 Ships in 7-10 business days


The RinseKit Plus features our trademark two gallon eon™ pressure chamber with a durable outer shell tough enough to handle all of your dirtiest adventures.   

Easily rinse 3 people from head to toe, wash a small dog, and clean plenty of dirty gear! Rinse off after surfing, running, biking, or any other activity. Wash your pets, clean the kids, and keep your gear clean and working well.  



  • 2 gallon tank designed to store pressure for up to a month
  • Quickly fills with hot or cold water in just 30 seconds from a hose bib or sink
  • Includes our Pressure Booster Pump accessory so you can add pressure to your RinseKit anywhere, anytime! Or fill your RinseKit remotely when you do not have access to a hose bib or sink. 
  • Equipped with two drain ports so the Heater and Pump accessories can be used simultaneously- hot water anywhere! (heater sold separately)

  • Includes storage area inside for a small towel, sunscreen, or snacks; and a detachable lid that can be used to stand on when rinsing off.

  • Easy reach 6ft long hose 

  • 5 spray settings for all your rinsing needs (Jet, Mist, Center, Flat, Shower)

  • Included Hot Water Sink Adapter allows you to fill your RinseKit with hot water from your sink!


The Fine Print:

Dimensions: 17 x 11.5 x 14 inches

Weight: 24 lbs when filled, 9 lbs when empty