RinseKit Pod
1.75 gallon portable shower
hot water sink adapter for hot showers
RinseKit® POD (Sprays 3:30 minutes)
RinseKit® POD (Sprays 3:30 minutes)
wash your gear on the road
sprays hard for minutes
clean up family at the beach
stays pressurized for a month
wash your pets
5 spray settings jet, shower, center, mist
keep your kids clean
rinsekit on job site
clean up dirt and grime
6ft long hose and compact design
connect to a hose bib or sink
portable shower biking
portable shower surfing
portable shower camping
wash off gear kids and pets
RinseKit® POD (Sprays 3:30 minutes)


RinseKit® POD (Sprays 3:30 minutes)



  • 1.75 gallon tank designed to store pressure for up to a month

  • Quickly fills with hot or cold water in 30 seconds from a hose bib or sink

  • Included Hot Water Sink Adapter allows you to fill your RinseKit with hot water from your sink!
  • Compatible with both the heater and pump accessories. Accessories must be used one at a time and cannot be used simultaneously (accessories sold separately)
  • Easy reach 6ft long hose
  • 5 spray settings for all your rinsing needs (Jet, Mist, Center, Flat, Shower)


The Fine Print:
Dimensions: 14 x 8.5 x 11.75 inches
Weight: 19 lbs when filled, 7 lbs when empty