Commercial Use- Fleet, First Responders, & More

RinseKit was made for the road and made for you. From fleet drivers to cable providers, repair technicians to first responders, everyone needs a way to stay clean and germ-free on the job. It’s about more than clean hands; now more than ever, it’s about protection. RinseKit is the only portable pressurized shower that does not require pumping or batteries and can store enough water and pressure to wash your hands on the job all day long! And it can be filled with soap, cleaning solution, or bleach. Your day just got a whole lot cleaner!


RinseKit does its job so you can do yours. 

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Case Study:  Cable Provider Technicians

A regional cable provider purchased RinseKits for each of their fleet of trucks so that their technicians could wash their hands after providing service to their customers. With the Coronavirus outbreak, these essential workers couldn’t stay in the protection of their homes; they had to bravely continue to work with the possibility of exposure. That’s where we come in. This company purchased our Plus Outdoor Bundle which included our RinseKit Plus, Pressure Booster Pump, and Hot Rod Water Heater. This bundle allowed them to wash their hands with hot water from their trucks after each and every customer encounter. For employees that had multiple stops per day and needed more than 2 gallons of water to wash their hands, this bundle allowed them to fill their RinseKit again with the use of a hose bib, sink, or still water. And, because the RinseKit Plus includes internal storage space, they could also store antibacterial soap, towels, and cleaning solutions right under the lid.


 We are proud to support these drivers and prouder still that our products could play a role in keeping them safe and clean on the job.


We partner with fleet drivers, technicians, first responders and more to make sure America's finest stay clean on the job!