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Prepare yourself for the next addition to the RinseKit family: Introducing the RinseKit PRO, the 3.5-gallon, battery operated RinseKit you have been asking for. Wash up when you're off the grid for the weekend, clean up your gear and tools on the go, or rinse the sand off of your kid's feet. Simply fill, press power, and go!


- Fully electric. Fill the insulated tank of the RinseKit PRO with hot or cold water, press the power button and spray. It’s that easy!

- 3.5-gallon tank and 5 spray setting nozzle to fulfill all of your spraying needs (You can even add in clean water to the tank while the PRO is in use)

- 12-volt plug built in for on the go charging (car and wall charger included)

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In Depth

The RinseKit PRO is in a class all its own. Equipped with a durable, hard outer container the PRO is ready to take on your toughest days. One full charge of the 12-volt battery can go for months before needing to be plugged in again, so you can hit the ground running off to your next adventure.

Additional Features

- Holds hot water up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and cold water up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit

- Easy reach 6-foot-long flexible silicone hose

- Removable durable top lid to stand on for rinsing off

- Compatible with the Auto Nozzle System

Included Accessories

Spray Nozzle

The Fine Print

Dimensions: 17" x 11.5" x 14"

Weight: 13 lbs Empty | 30 lbs Full

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