Refurbished 4.5 Gallon RinseKit PRO PAK

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The refurbished PRO PAK is a fully functional RinseKit, with all parts intact, however the units have some cosmetic flaws on the exterior outer shell and body. The units are in like-new condition and ship repackaged in a new corrugated box. Stock is limited.

NOTE: Due to the nature of these products, these units are non-returnable. However, if your unit is not functioning properly, please file a warranty claim here. Cosmetic issues are not considered "functioning" or "functional" aspects of the RinseKit therefore we will not replace a unit based on cosmetic imperfections.

• Battery Powered Pressurization - Have access to pressurized water at the push of a button! No hose adapters or pumps required (AGM 12v 5Ah battery)
• 4.5 Gallon Capacity - For longer showers and our longest spray times yet. Customize the capacity to fit your needs by filling it anywhere between 1 - 4.5 gallons
• Durable, Weather-Proof, Laminated Shell Exterior - EVA foam molded waterproof base and one inch thick insulation for temperature maintenance and cold-weather protection
• MOLLE Webbing - Easy-mounting and added versatility to hold all of your tactical gear and personal additions
• Ultimate Portability - With adjustable padded backpack straps there are multiple ways to carry the PRO PAK with comfort and ease
• Superior Pressurization - Continuous spray at 50 PSI

“Refurbished” refers to units that have been returned to our warehouse for any reason. All returned units are thoroughly inspected by our warehouse team and are fixed to like-new condition. All refurbished models have the same parts & accessories as their original products counterpart. These units are non-returnable and non-refundable, but they are covered under warranty.

Capacity: 4.5 gallons
Dimensions: 27"L x 13"W x 9"H
Weight: 16 lbs empty | 54 lbs full
External materials: Durable, weather-proof, laminated exterior shell and EVA foam molded base
Internal battery type: AGM 12v 5Ah battery

Our most feature packed RinseKit yet

Made for those who want to adventure longer and go further, the PRO PAK is perfect for extended trips and group outings.

it's all in the details


4.5 gallons of capacity provides enough water for a multi-day offgrid trip, or for 4-5 person groups.


Keeps hot water warmer for longer with 1-inch thick insulation around the tank.


EVA foam molded waterproof base and one inch thick insulation for temperature maintenance and cold-weather protection.

heavy duty backpack straps

Easily carry the PRO PAK anywhere, completely hands-free.

Military-Style MOLLE Webbing

Clip, strap or hang whatever your trip demands.


what you want to know

The PRO PAK sprays at continuous rate of 50 PSI. The included spray nozzle has 5 spray settings, each setting will get you the following spray times:

Center = approximately 7:15 minutes
Shower = approximately 5:10 minutes
Mist = approximately 30:30 minutes
Jet = approximately 5:45 minutes
Flat = approximately 6:05 minutes

Your PRO PAK should arrive to you fully charged and ready to use right out of the box. Depending on your use, you should get 3-6 month’s use with one full battery charge. Need to recharge? It’s easy, plug in the wall or car charger and the PRO PAK should be fully charged in approximately 4 hours. Note: The wall charger will light up RED when charging and flash RED and GREEN when fully charged.

The PRO PAK is powered by a AGM 12v 5Ah battery. It should arrive fully charged and will likely last 3-6 months before needing to be recharged. Normal battery range for the PRO PAK is 13v to 11v indicated by the voltmeter. 10.8v or lower means you need to charge the battery and voltage below 10.5 v can cause damage to the battery.
The PRO PAK comes with two charging cables: one for the wall and one for the car. The wall charger will light up RED when charging and flash RED and GREEN when fully charged.
The car charger will light up RED when charging and will continue to light up RED as long as it is connected to your car. Note: The car charger will only charge to 12v.
When charging, make sure that the two charging tabs align with the "lock point" arrows on the charging port.
Note: The PRO PAK will still charge, even if in use. Periodically charge the battery to keep voltage above 10.8v.