portable shower for toyota 4runner overland builds

While there are many options for portable showers for Toyota 4Runner builds, the RinseKit Rack Shower sets the standard for performance and quality. A product of years of research and development, it has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Toyota 4Runner owners who are taking their trucks offroad and offgrid.

shower for toyota 4runner overland

While there are other portable showers built specifically for being mounted on racks, the RinseKit Rack Shower boasts many features that make it stand out from the pack.

Why the Rack Shower is the Ultimate Portable Shower for Toyota 4Runner overland builds

Battery Powered Pressurization: A powerful AGM battery pressurizes the water in the tank, so there’s no pumping required. That means you can take high-pressure showers that spray consistently down to the last drop without having to repressurize it or do any additional work.

5 Gallon Capacity: A huge 5 gallon tank means you can take more showers for longer without refilling. 5 gallons translates into around 9 minutes of showering time (Center setting) and even more spraying time depending on what nozzle setting you use.

IP 65 Waterproof Control Panel: The control panel is completely waterproof and resistant to the elements so you can take it anywhere.

Detachable 7-Foot Long Hose: Able to be stowed while you’re hitting terrain.

SAE Plug:  Means you can hook the Rack Shower up to your vehicle’s power, so you never have to recharge the battery.

While there are some rack mounted portable showers with similar features, none of them are as feature packed as the rack shower, and it’s the only portable shower that’s electric. Here is a visual representation of the features of the Rack Shower vs. other rack mounted portable showers:

shower for toyota 4runner overland shower for toyota 4runner overland

So you can see, if you’re choosing a portable shower for your Toyota 4Runner build, there’s a clear choice. The all-new RinseKit Rack Shower is built for the road, for ease-of-use, and for years and years of use.