100 Ways to Use Your RinseKit


100 ways to use your rinsekit

When RinseKit was invented, creator Chris Crawford made it for a specific purpose. At that time in his life, he owned his own pool contracting company, and between jobs he liked to go surfing at his local beaches in Carlsbad, CA. After his surf, he didn’t like going back to work all salty and sandy, so at the time, he was using a water jug to wash his body off. After years of using this washdown method, he began to realize, with his knowledge of plumbing, that he could come up with a better solution for showering on the go - and with a little tinkering in his garage, the RinseKit was born, as a post surf shower.

RinseKit has come a long way since then, not only in its design, but in its applications. Over the years, people of all types and in all parts of the world have found uses for RinseKit not only for play, but also for work. It has truly blown our minds to see the hundreds of different ways people have figured out how to use this portable shower, and almost every week someone tells us a story about a novel use they’ve gotten out of it.

So, in light of this massive array of applications, we decided to throw together a list of 100 ways to use RinseKit.  If you've been thinking about getting a RinseKit, or already own one, you might find some inspiration as to how it can improve your life. Here it is, 100 ways your can use your RinseKit for work, for play, for life:

  1. Washing off sandy feet and bodies after the beach. 
  2. Showering after a long day at the campsite.
  3. Washing your dishes after cooking at the campsite.
  4. Washing off dirty shoes and boots after a hike.
  5. Washing your dog off after a walk or hike.
  6. Misting yourself on a hot day at the campsite.
  7. Washing your mountain bike after a day on the trail.
  8. Showering during home renovations.
  9. Showering for van lifers.
  10. Showering during a power outage.
  11. Washing off your dirt bike after a day at the track.
  12. Showering handicapped or disabled people.
  13. Handwashing at events.
  14. Handwashing for emergency personnel.
  15. Spraying hair for barbers on the go.
  16. Handwashing for outdoor cooks.
  17. Dishwashing station for van lifers.
  18. Showering off-grid when overlanding.
  19. Showering for semi-truck drivers.
  20. Cleaning off golf balls on the course.
  21. Showering at an off grid cabin.
  22. Showering when on an RV trip.
  23. Melting ice off windshields.
  24. Washing salt off boats.
  25. Misting to cool down at hot job sites.
  26. Spraying vents for HVAC techs.
  27. Showering at music festivals.
  28. Shower for military personnel in the field.
  29. Washing wetsuits.
  30. Showering off when hiking.
  31. Washing farm animals and horses.
  32. Washing beach equipment and surfboards.
  33. Watering gardens.
  34. Washing cars when there is no hose.
  35. Spraying athletes at sports events.
  36. As a temporary outdoor shower at your home.
  37. Cooling down when sunbathing.
  38. Washing up during/after hunting.
  39. Portable decontamination.
  40. Filling up water balloons.
  41. Rinsing off work boots.
  42. Cleaning off grill at the park.
  43. Hosing off oil stains in the driveway.
  44. Clean wounds on the go.
  45. Shower station for public pools.
  46. Wash station for mobile pet groomers.
  47. A tool for housekeepers.
  48. Carpet cleaning.
  49. Pool maintenance.
  50. To clean fish after fishing.
  51. Spray off ATV’s after riding.
  52. To water plants that are hard to reach.
  53. To wash your dog off after a day outside.
  54. To clean your kids off after messy fun.
  55. To mist off at a sport’s game.
  56. As a handwashing station at tailgate parties.
  57. As a safety precaution to prevent heat stroke.
  58. As a bidet at the campsite ;)
  59. As a way to play water games with kids.
  60. To cool down your car’s radiator.
  61. To prep food and vegetables at the campsite.
  62. For firefighters on strike team operations.
  63. For rescue organizations to clean up after rescues.
  64. Since the RinseKit is BPA free, you can refill your water bottle.
  65. Hydrate your pup or pet on a hot day spent outdoors.
  66. On the construction site to wash tools.
  67. For landscapers to clean up after a job
  68. Clean up your gear after a dive or lobster fishing.
  69. Emergency clean up station after your baby has a blow out.
  70.  As an emergency eye washing station.
  71. Put out the campfire to prevent forest fires.
  72. Wash off your kayak or rafter after a day on the rapids.
  73. Eliminate shower grime by using the jet setting on your RinseKit along shower walls and floor.
  74. To shower or wash off after a mud run or marathon. 
  75. Clean off gear after a deepwater fishing trip.
  76. Use the RinseKit with one of our heaters to make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea.
  77. Rinse off your camping gear BEFORE putting it in your car to keep the mess where it belongs and save you time at home.
  78. Use the built in ruler to measure your latest catch!
  79. Wash off and cool down after your next triathlon.
  80. Give your kids a shower after your next family adventure, put them in their pajamas, and let them fall asleep in the car. 
  81. Filling a blow-up pool far from your house.
  82. Use it as a small table when camping.
  83. Give your dog some water as it’s BPA free
  84. Put out car fires.
  85. Scare away wild animals using the jet setting.
  86. Flush the saltwater out of an outboard motor.
  87. Clean animal droppings off your porch or patio.
  88. Clean out your gutters.
  89. Clean graffiti off a wall in front of your business.
  90. Spray down your yoga mat after a workout.
  91. Spray the dust and dirt of your window screens.
  92. Spray down the windows of your house.
  93. Washing off vegetables you pick in your garden.
  94. Put out a small wildfire on the side of the road.
  95. As a footstool when lounging outdoors.
  96. As a weight to hold down tents when it's windy.
  97. For washing off soccer cleats after a game.
  98. For melting ice off frozen sidewalks in the winter.
  99. For spraying down livestock to keep them cool in the Summer.
  100. Spraying off muddy soccer and footballs after a game.

So there you have it, 100 ways to use a RinseKit - from showering, to washing, to putting out fires. These are just uses that our team came up with internally - we are sure there are literally thousands of other ways the RinseKit can be used. Between our various models that range in capacities from 1.5 - 4.5 gallons, we believe there is a RinseKit for everyone, so the question really is: what will you use your RinseKit for?