The RinseKit Rack Shower Vs. Other Rack Mounted Portable Showers

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A new era of portable showers is here. After inventing the portable shower category 15 years ago, and leading the charge when it comes to innovating the technology, we are continuing our legacy of revolutionizing the space with our new release - the RinseKit Rack Shower. It’s the first battery-pressurized, rack mounted portable shower ever created, and compared to the competition, it’s got a slew of new revolutionary features that will make it the new standard for portable, rack mounted showers.

Why a Rack Mounted Portable Shower?

We listen to our customers. We’re always asking for feedback on how we can make our portable showers more convenient, user-friendly, powerful, and better suited for the wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts that use our products. The RinseKit Rack Shower is a product of the feedback we’ve been receiving for years.

A large number of our customers, especially those that go way off the beaten path, have asked us to do a version of a rack mounted shower, like the Yakima Road Shower. In comparison to our products, the Yakima Road Shower was unique in that it was high capacity, and was able to be mounted on racks. This made it suited for those hardcore outdoor adventurers that needed a ton of water. 

The Problems with Previous Rack Mounted Showers

We were obviously aware of the Yakima Road Shower, but we were also aware that it had issues. As a pressure-dependent unit, the Road Shower loses pressure as the water in the tank is used. Sure, you can repressurize it with a bike pump, but that takes time and effort.

We didn’t want to put out a product that we knew would have those same issues, as we have always wanted to create the highest pressure, most convenient showers possible. So we held back, until we saw the success of the RinseKit PRO.

How Battery-Powered Pressurization Changed Everything

Our original portable shower systems were pressurized by hooking them up to a hose bib or sink. The pressure from the water going into the tank would compress the air inside of it, and that compression would create pressure, so that when the hose was activated it would release pressure and drive the water out. We invented that system, and many other portable shower companies copied it after it hit the market.

Over time we realized that the pressure system had some flaws. Primarily, it was a bit complicated for some users, as they had to make sure they didn’t over-pressurize it. For some people hooking it up to a hose wasn’t super convenient, and they didn’t like that, as water in the tank was used, the pressure would decrease. We heard that feedback, and began working on a new pressurization method that would be easy, convenient, and powerful.

In 2021, as a response to that feedback, we released the RinseKit PRO. The PRO was battery-pressurized, meaning that an AGMt battery powered a diaphragm pump inside the tank. This system changed everything - it made it so that pressurization was as easy as pressing a power button, and it meant that the pressure was consistent and strong. Instead of having to fill from a hose, users could simply pour water in from any source. It made it so you could actually get more capacity out of a water tank, as there didn’t need to be any space left for the compressed air that was formally required to create pressure.

This new battery-powered pressurization system revolutionized portable shower technology. Our customers loved it - it was super easy to use, it provided superior pressure, and it didn’t need to be repressurized or pumped. The PRO quickly became our most popular model ever, and we knew that the battery-powered pressure was the future of portable shower technology.


rinsekit pro


The Creation of the Rack Shower

Upon seeing the success of the RinseKit PRO, we revisited the idea of a rack mounted shower. With the pressure issue resolved, we felt confident that we could create a mountable portable shower that was both high capacity and extremely powerful.

So we took the technology that we used in the PRO, and changed its form. We created a 5 gallon HDPE tank, our highest capacity tank yet, and designed it with channels so that it could be mounted on any side. That meant it could be mounted on top, below, or on the side of any rack, making it the most dynamic rack mounted portable shower yet.

We also used the battery-power of the Rack Shower and added even more tech features that the PRO did not have. We created a control panel on the front of the shower equipped with a temperature gauge and battery gauge so that users can monitor the water temperature at a glance. To top it off we added two USB charging ports so that adventurers can charge their devices wherever life takes them.

To ensure the durability of the Rack Shower,  we built it tough with rotomolding technology and military-grade materials. We made it weatherproof, crushproof and adventure proof so that no matter how bumpy the road is, the Rack Shower will hold strong and never break.

To make the Rack Shower safe for use on dishes, cutting boards and for handwashing and showering, we also made the tank BPA free. Other portable showers like the Yakima Road Shower use tanks that, over time, leach into the water and make it  unsafe for human consumption. We wanted to make sure the Rack Shower was good for all uses for the long run, so we made sure to include that feature.


creation of the rack shower


The Rack Shower Vs. Other Rack Mounted Showers


When it comes to rack mounted portable showers, the RinseKit Rack Shower is feature packed and made for ultimate convenience and ease of use. Its battery powered pressurization, tech-forward control panel, and ability to be mounted on any side set it apart from competitors. Let’s look at similar models of portable shower from competitors so we can see why the Rack Shower is a class above the competition.



Pressurization Method

Pressure Strength

BPA Free Tank

Racking Options

Heating Options


RinseKit Rack Shower

5 gal

Battery Powered

High pressure


All sides

Propane, Electric, Solar


Yakima Road Shower

8 gal

Self- Pressurized






Waterport Weekender

4, 7, 10 gal







So you can see that all the rack mounted portable showers are of similar price. They do vary greatly in capacity, but the biggest difference between them is their pressurization methods.  Depending on what you are looking for out of a portable shower, capacity may be more important than pressurization, but, even if it’s not your priority, it will be when you go to take a shower and it comes out as a trickle.

Why Pressurization Matters

So you should know what you’re getting yourself into when you look into these other rack mounted portable shower models. Pressurization method really matters, as we have discussed above and on our recent blog

Just to reiterate the importance of pressure, let’s look more closely at how these other models pressurize water and dive a little deeper into why they don’t quite make the cut.

The Waterport Weekender

With the Waterport model, it is ‘self-pressurized’ which means that it uses the same pressurization system that old RinseKit models used. It has to be hooked up to a hose, and the water going into the tank compresses the air in the tank which creates water pressure. While this can create a lot of pressure initially, inevitably, as the water in the tank is used, the pressure will go down. That’s why these showers also come equipped with a hand pump, because they eventually have to be pressurized. 

The other thing to note about this Waterport system is that, in general, plastic is not designed to hold pressure. Manufacturers won’t warranty plastic water containers, as they are not strong enough to fully contain any kind of pressure. So if there is anything wrong with any seal or gasket, ultimately, this type of portable shower will leak.

One more thing to note is that, with the Waterport Weekender, the capacity that it states the tank has is not the actual capacity that it holds. Due to the fact that the tank requires compressed air to make pressure, there has to be room inside the tank for the air, so the tank cannot be fully filled with water. 

The Yakima RoadShower

The Yakima RoadShower works similarly to the Waterport Weekender, using self-pressurization. It does have high capacity tank at around 8 gallons, but like the Waterport Weekender, the fact that it requires space for the compressed air in the tank means that the stated capacity isn’t the actual capacity. Also like the Waterport Weekender, the Yakima RoadShower can only be mounted on top of a rack, and not on the side or below like the RinseKit Rack Shower.

So you can see that there are some pretty significant issues with the pressurization methods of both the Yakima Road Shower and the Waterport Weekender. With the Rack Shower, you don’t have to worry about these issues - repressurization, leaky tanks, or inaccurate capacity. The battery-powered pressurization of the Rack Shower makes it super easy, powerful, and consistent, and you won’t have to worry about leaks or bursts.

So if you’re looking for a rack mounted portable shower that is reliable, powerful, chock-full of cool tech features and built to last for the long run, look no further than the RinseKit Rack Shower. It’s set to be the most high-tech, high-pressure, high-quality portable rack mounted shower on the market, and you’ll be glad when you’re the first of your friends to get one.