Why Clean Tools are Important for Vineyards and How RinseKit Can Help

rinsekit for winemaking


It’s harvest season in Napa Valley, and winemakers are out in the vineyard harvesting their grapes. The art of crafting exceptional wine requires meticulous attention to detail, and one crucial aspect that should never be overlooked is maintaining clean tools and equipment when harvesting. Using clean tools in the vineyard is important and can make a huge difference when it comes to the taste and quality of wine - so having a way to clean them on-the-go is critical. 

In this blog we will explore the importance of using clean tools when harvesting grapes out in the vineyard, and how RinseKit is a great solution for cleaning those tools on the go.

Enhancing the Quality of Your Wine

Clean Tools, Pure Flavor

When it comes to winemaking, the harvest process is one of the biggest factors in determining the quality of the finished wine. When grapes are being harvested, the harvester has to be very careful not to dirty them or contaminate them. That’s why clean harvesting tools are extremely important.

When you consider the meticulous effort that goes into cultivating the perfect grapes, it would be a travesty to have all that hard work compromised by dirty equipment. The grapes are carefully nurtured, and their flavors are developed over time, which is why it's essential that nothing interferes with their natural characteristics. When harvesting, having clean tools will ensure that the essence of the grapes is preserved, ensuring that your wine captures the essence of your vineyard.

Preventing Contamination

A Haven for Microorganisms

Vineyards can be breeding grounds for microorganisms, some of which can wreak havoc on your wine. Unclean tools can harbor unwanted bacteria and wild yeast strains that have the potential to spoil or contaminate grapes. The cleaner your tools, the better your chances of preventing such contamination.

Functionality of Equipment

Protecting Your Investments

Some tools used for harvesting, like pruning shears or measuring instruments, may need to be cleaned after several uses or prolonged use during a day of harvesting in order to function properly. If they aren’t cleaned periodically throughout the day, they may break or fail - meaning you have to replace them in order to continue harvesting. Keeping them clean can keep your harvest moving, and make it so you don’t lose money on your investment in the tools.

Vineyard Tools that Require Cleaning

While out in the vineyard harvesting grapes, there are many tools that get dirty very quickly and will require cleaning periodically throughout the day of harvesting in order to function properly and not spoil the grapes. Some of those tools include:

  • Grape Harvesting Shears or Pruning Shears: These sharp, hand-held tools are used to cut the grape clusters from the vines. They provide a clean and precise cut to avoid damaging the grapes. 
  • Grape Harvesting Scissors: Similar to shears, grape harvesting scissors are designed specifically for cutting grape clusters and often have a curved blade for easier access to the grapes.
  • Picking Trays or Boards: These are flat trays or boards placed under the vines to catch any grapes that fall during harvesting, ensuring they don't touch the ground.
  • Vineyard Lugs or Crates: These containers, often with handles, are used to transport grapes within the vineyard and winery.
  • Measuring Instruments: Some wineries use refractometers or hydrometers to measure sugar levels (Brix) in the grapes to determine ripeness.

Why Winemakers Need a Portable Water Spraying Solution

When out harvesting grapes in the vineyards, most of the time there is not a water source readily available to clean the tools we’ve mentioned above. That’s why winemakers who are harvesting grapes need a source of portable pressurized water, not only to clean their tools but to wash their hands, face, and even eyes in case of emergency. Portability is important so that they continue work without returning to a water source.

 That’s where a RinseKit comes in. Winemakers in Napa Valley are using RinseKit portable showers to clean wherever they go, so they can keep their tools clean without having to make trips back to a water source.

Why RinseKit for Harvesting

RinseKit portable showers are perfect for winemakers during harvest due to their innovative features and functionality that set them apart from other portable water spraying devices. Those include:

  • Battery-Powered Pressurization: All RinseKit portable showers are equipped with battery-powered pressure, meaning that a 12 volt battery pressurizes the water in the tank. This means that the RinseKit produces strong, consistent pressure that doesn’t decrease as the water in the tank is sprayed like other portable showers. It produces enough pressure to knock the toughest gunk off pruning tools or refractometers.
  • High Capacity Water Tank: When out in the vineyard, it’s important to have enough water to clean what you need. RinseKit starts at 3.5 gallons of capacity, so you’ll have plenty of water to clean tools without having to return to a water source.
  • All-in-one Portability: With the RinseKit, all the elements of the portable water system are contained in one compact and portable unit. The water tank, the pump and the battery are all stored in an easy carry casing about the size of a small cooler, so it’s super easy to move and carry around in the vines.
  • Super Easy to Use: Due to it’s all in one portability and battery powered pressurization, the RinseKit is the easiest portable water spraying solution to use with the best functionality. All you have to do is pour in water, press the power button and bam - you have a consistent, high-pressure spray at your fingertips.

rinsekit for vineyards


So you can see that RinseKit can be a very useful tool for winemakers who need to keep their tools clean on-the-go while harvesting. With RinseKit, harvesters can clean their tools no matter how far away from a water source they are, ensuring clean harvesting while saving time.

Many winemakers in Napa Valley are already using RinseKit for cleaning up while harvesting. In addition to cleaning their harvesting tools with RinseKit, they are also using it to wash their hands, and as an emergency eye washing device as well. There are literally hundreds of uses for a RinseKit, and cleaning tools while harvesting grapes is just one of them.

In conclusion, the significance of having clean tools in the vineyard cannot be overstated. With clean tools, you'll not only produce exceptional wine but also safeguard your investment and keep your tools functioning properly. As we have discussed, having a portable cleaning solution is critical to keeping grape harvesting tools clean in the field, and RinseKit is the perfect tool for the job. So if you’re a winemaker and you’re having trouble keeping your tools clean on-the-go, consider purchasing a RinseKit today.