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learn HOw TO INSTALL the rack shower

The world’s only completely electric mountable portable shower.

Rack shower installation w/ founder chris crawford

Adapter brackets installation w/ founder chris crawford

what you need to know

The Rack Shower will fit vehicle racks up to 30 inches.

included mounting hardware

Note: For additional tightening, you may need access to a crescent wrench (not included)

top asked questions

The Rack Shower will come with the necessary hardware for mounting, however, you may need to have access to a crescent wrench (not included) for tightening down the lock nuts.
Warning: Incorrectly mounted roof racks and their accessories may come loose during transit and cause serious injury or accidents.

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The mounting system can be installed on any side.

The Rack Shower comes with the T-channel pre-installed on the bottom. To move the mounting orientation, simply remove the set screws and place T-channel on desired side and re-insert set screws.

1. Insert T-bolts into the mounting bracket and repeat on the second bracket.

2. Slide the mounting brackets with T-bolts on to the end of the Rack Shower. The T-bolts should slide into the T-channel.

3. Slide both mounting brackets into desired location.

4. Using the included Allen wrench, insert the set screws into the sides of the mounting bracket. Tighten the screws until they are flush with the outer sleeve.

Once installed and ready to use, attach the hose by opening the control panel cover and press the hoses' quick connect firmly on to the adapter.
*Remove hose and close control panel when not in use.

metal surface mounting

If you are mounting the Rack Shower directly onto a metal surface you will not need the mounting bracket clamps.

Simply attach to the metal surface with the washers and locknuts.

roof rack mounting

Attach the mounting bracket clamp, then attach and tighten down the washers and locknuts.

Optional power supply

The Rack Shower includes a 12v SAE plug for connecting directly to your vehicles 12v power supply. You can pull the SAE plug through the opening located on the bottom of the Rack Shower.