Blind Surfer Unboxes and Uses RinseKit in Youtube Episode

You’ve undoubtedly heard Pete Gustin’s voice before. It’s everywhere. From major movie trailers to popular news networks and radio stations, Pete’s voice is that one deep, recognizable “in a world, where…” movie trailer voice that we all know. Lately you may have heard him on trailers for popular movies and shows like “Archer”, “America the Motion Picture”, “Mental Samurai”, “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and much more - you just didn’t know it was all the same guy.

The interesting thing about Pete is, despite his dominance in the voiceover world, he is legally blind. He has what’s called Stargadt’s Disease, a degenerative eye disease that makes his vision drastically worse over time. What started as a minor inconvenience in elementary school has turned into a debilitating disability, and Pete’s world has closed in as a result.

Pete never let that disability get in his way though, and despite being told he would never make it, through hard work and determination, he pushed his way to the top of one of the most competitive industries in the world - the movie trailer voiceover industry.

pete gustin voiceover

Pete has applied that same “my blindness won’t stop me” attitude to other facets of his life. He not only has a very successful career, he has two dogs, a fiancee, lifts weights regularly, and also surfs. That’s right, he surfs. It may be hard to believe, but Pete catches waves all on his own, and surfs just as well as any “seeing” surfer in the lineup.

Pete’s athletic prowess, leftover from his youth playing football and maintained by his weight lifting, has allowed him to pick up surfing quickly despite not being able to see the waves. His coach Josh tells him when a wave is coming and what it’s doing, Pete paddles into it, then when he feels the wave pick him up, he’s quick to his feet and down the line. After four years of practice and getting the feel of the takeoff and ride transition, Pete has quickly become the greatest blind surfer in the world, and better than 70% of seeing surfers as well. 

blind surfer pete gustin

Blind Surfer Youtube Channel

Pete’s story is without a doubt an inspiring one. He knows that, and being someone who works in media, he is well equipped to broadcast it to the world. That’s why he started the “Blind Surfer'' Youtube channel back in January of 2020, to share his experience of being a blind person in a seeing person's world, and to document the daily challenges he overcomes whilst attempting to live his life to the fullest. 

In his weekly “Blind Surfer'' Youtube show, Pete surfs, skateboards, bikes, and does a host of other activities that you wouldn’t expect a blind person to be able to do. The motto of the show “find a way” is a sort of guiding principle of Pete’s life, and the overall message that he’s attempting to get across to viewers. It encompasses the idea that no matter what your disability or setback is, that if you really put your mind to something you want, you can make it happen. Viewers of the show see that Pete really does live out this slogan in his everyday life - and are encouraged by watching him adopt the same mindset.

What’s more, and what most people don’t even realize when they watch the show, is that Pete is actually producing, shooting, and even editing the videos despite his impairment. To say that Pete is a powerhouse of a human being, well, would be an understatement.

Pete’s surfing ability, combined with his inspiring show, has garnered him a lot of attention. He’s been featured in the popular surf publication The Inertia several times, has had surf superstars like Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, and Taylor Jensen on his show, and is roundly respected in the surfing community for both his surfing and vlogging talents. 

blind surfer rob machado

Whether you’re a surfer or not, it’s very motivating to see someone who can’t see what they’re doing catch waves and ride them well - which is why his channel has grown so quickly.

RinseKit on “The Blind Surfer” Show

This week, we had the honor of being featured on an episode of the “Blind Surfer” show. One of our employees who helps out with the show got Pete a RinseKit PRO, our newest portable shower model with a 3.5 gallon capacity, battery powered pressurization and five-setting spray nozzle. In the episode, Pete unboxed the PRO, and our employee showed him how to use it.

Despite being blind, Pete was easily able to learn to use the PRO after being shown one time to use it by feel. He was able to easily fill it from his sink, and the button layout was intuitive enough for him to pick it up quickly. “I was surprised at how easy the RinseKit was to use,” Pete mentioned afterward, “I didn’t think I would be able to pick it up so quickly, but since it’s so easy to fill and came already charged, well, I think anyone could figure it out.”

blind surfer rinsekit

Pete plans on using his PRO to wash off after he surfs, and his fiancee plans to use it for gardening their plants in hard to reach places, and to wash off their dogs after hikes.

We were very stoked that Pete loved his PRO and honored to be featured on the “Blind Surfer” Youtube show. 


If you’d like to watch the full episode you can find it here: