RinseKit featured in Surfline's 2021 Holiday Parking Lot Envy Guide

We are stoked to announce that our company, and specifically our RinseKit POD, was featured in Surfline’s 2021 Holiday Parking Lot Envy Guide

For those that don’t know, Surfline is the world's foremost surf forecasting website that boasts a network of thousands of live surf cameras across the globe and is one of the most respected surf resources in the industry. They have cameras on most of the major surf spots around the globe, and are seen as the go-to source for digital surf checks by surfers everywhere. For these reasons, we were honored to be featured in their holiday parking lot gift guide.

Surfline’s Holiday Parking Lot Envy Guide specifically highlights gear that surfers use in parking lots. The parking lot is a sacred place for surfers; it’s where they suit up, change clothes, eat breakfast and hang out after a surf. So this guide goes over what gear surfers may want to have in the parking lot, specifically, what gear aids in the before and after surf process. It’s like a typical holiday gift guide - but pertaining only to parking lot gear and not other gear like wetsuits, boards, etc. 

The RinseKit POD happens to be the first item listed in the 2021 Holiday Parking Lot Envy Guide. The first thing that Surfline goes over is how many aspects of surf equipment, including fin screws, leashes and more, are susceptible to corrosion via the constant exposure to salt water. 

Fin box screws rust. Leash hardware erodes. Wetsuit neoprene cracks and deteriorates. Basically, things fall apart (especially things that are regularly exposed to saltwater).”

They then explain how using a RinseKit when you get out of the water to wash those things off can extend the shelf life of them. 

“In case you’re nowhere near a freshwater source like a public shower or even a garden hose, you can show up to the surf prepared with a full RinseKit Pod to wash off your effects or yourself.”

The article goes on to describe the other RinseKit models, and how they can be used for other activities besides surfing. You can find the full article here.