Take More Adventures Asks the Important Question: Which RinseKit is Best for You?

We here at RinseKit love when other companies talk about our products, obviously, because it helps us get our name out there, but also because it educates new audiences on why they need our product and how they can use it. That’s why we’re STOKED that takemoreadventures.com recently wrote an article reviewing and comparing the RinseKit PRO and Sport called “Which RinseKit is Best For You? (Sport VS. PRO)”. It does a great job of going over both the pros and cons of both RinseKit models, as well as explaining the general uses and applications of each. 

For those that don’t know about them, Take More Adventures is an outdoor blog / gear review site that has been around since 2015. They state that they are “an outlet to share content that inspired us to get outdoors”. They also create Take More Adventures branded gear, as well as  blankets for their company Echtra Blanket Co. They are an all-around outdoor gear and travel focused company that knows a whole lot about the outdoor equipment industry.

That’s why we were stoked that they decided to cover our products. Their esteemed brand is known for only reviewing the best of the best in the Outdoor industry, so it was great to see them giving the RinseKit PRO and Sport a look.

We encourage you to check out the article, it sums up the pros and cons of each model in a concise way:

Check out the entire Take More Adventures featurette here!