Truck Camper Magazine Showcases the RinseKit Plus Alongside the 2021 Scout Kenai

Written by: Angela White

The RinseKit pressurized portable shower system made its Truck Camper Magazine debut with the release of the Kenai renderings.  Now that the physical camper has been finalized and produced, tell us why you selected the RinseKit portable shower system for the Kenai.

The RinseKit is one of several pressurized portable shower systems on the market today.  With Kenai, we wanted to launch the “shower” feature in a way that would open the door for customization and personalization.  Something that works inside or out – as a rinse-off or a shower.  Like all of our integrations, the RinseKit what portable, comfortable, and flexible enough to give people the kind of Kenai experience we envisioned.

We don’t want to box someone in with a specific product or feature, though.  We want highly customizable options that are portable, and we learn so much from watching people take our units and make them their own.  Will the RinseKit work for everyone?  Probably not.  But that’s the benefit of it being portable and optional.  Kenai can meet you where you’re at, whether you have something else in mind that fits your lifestyle better, or if you simply create your own solution.

The idea of a portable two-gallon portable pressurized system that doesn’t require a pump seems too good to be true.  Have you had the opportunity to test and try out the RinseKit system?

Yes.  Every time I take a trip to Yakima, Washington to visit the Adventurer Manufacturing factory, I stay in my Kenai.  I’m going on 20-days camping in the parking lot there; all in a Kenai.

When I’m staying in the Kenai, I use the portable shower system along with the shower curtain and mudroom pan and drain inside the camper.  I want the full experience of using our campers so I understand what works and what needs improvement.  You can only get that perspective from using the product.

I’ve tried multiple portable shower systems.  In addition to RinseKit, there are a few others that the design would support if this doesn’t work for you.  We have received some great feedback from owners on a number of custom solutions.

For example, the Helio Pressure Shower gives you a foot pump for water pressure and offers a faster and more efficient way to heat the water.  To heat water for the Helio system, you boil water on a cooktop first.  In contrast, RinseKit’s 9-amp, 12-volt plug-in heating option can take longer to heat up for some.  For some, the speed and efficiency of boiling the water is hard to beat.  Others have been using systems like Joolca, for pressurized hot water on demand.

Portable shower solutions often hold about 2-gallons of water.  Is the cabinetry shown with the RinseKit able to hold the weight of a full RinseKit (or similar product) while traveling?

Yes. We designed that cabinetry to hold that weight while traveling, while also taking into consideration the other gear and items that would also occupy the space.

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