10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Public Beach Showers in the Summer

why you should avoid public beach shower

It’s finally here. The hot weather, the warm water, and the beach days that make up sweet summertime. It’s the time of year for enjoying the surf, the sand, and all the other pleasures of the beach. 

Of course, after a day of indulging in water activities and basking under the sun, it's only natural to crave a refreshing rinse to rid oneself of saltwater and sand residue before jumping in the car to go back home. However, opting for public beach showers might not be the most favorable choice - for many reasons. In this article, we will delve into ten compelling reasons why it's a good idea to steer clear of public beach showers, and explore other potential options available for washing off at the beach.

1. Long Lines

The biggest drag when it comes to using public beach showers is the long lines. In the heat of the Summer, when the crowds really hit the sand, the lines for the public showers can get really out of hand. You’ll be waiting for people to take full showers, to wash off all their chairs, wash out their coolers, wash off their surfboards etc. This means that every person is going to take at least 2–5 minutes, so if you have over 10 people in front of you, you can see that the minutes can really add up. So if you’re in a rush to leave the beach or just want to get home, a public beach shower may not even be in the cards.

2. Unsanitary Conditions

Public beach showers are gross. Not only exposed to the elements, they are used by literally hundreds, maybe thousands of people on a busy beach day. That means when you use that shower, you are pressing a button on the shower hundreds of other people have touched, and then you’re standing in a puddle of hundreds of other people's filth. All that sand and debris that is washed off those people typically collects around the drains, which collects even more grime. 

3. Heightened Risk of Infections

The warm and moist environments that public beach showers create are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Skin infections, such as athlete's foot and rashes, are common ailments associated with these facilities. To safeguard yourself against such infections, it's wise to seek cleaner and more controlled showering alternatives.

4.  Lack of Privacy

Public beach showers are often open and exposed, leaving you vulnerable to prying eyes. If you value your privacy, it's best to avoid using these showers and seek alternative options.

5. Unpredictable Water Temperature

Public beach showers often fail to offer consistent or adjustable water temperatures. During hot summer months, the water might veer towards extremes, being either excessively hot or uninvitingly cold. Such fluctuations can result in an uncomfortable showering experience.

6. Vulnerability to Theft

Utilizing public beach showers means that often, you will be leaving your belongings unattended, thereby elevating the risk of theft. Opportunistic individuals may seize the distraction to abscond with valuable items such as phones, wallets, or keys. 

7. Uncomfortable Shower Experience

Public beach showers frequently have bad water pressure, resulting in an unsatisfying shower experience. Moreover, the showerheads may be positioned at inconvenient heights or angles, making it hard to fully rinse off. 

8. Safety Hazards

Public beach showers might not prioritize safety features, and therefore pose potential risks. Slippery floors, sharp edges, or malfunctioning electrical components can heighten the likelihood of accidents or injuries. 

9. Personal Comfort

How often do you shower in front of a crowd? Likely only when you use public beach showers. Unless you’re an exhibitionist, you may feel uncomfortable disrobing or showering in the presence of strangers. If personal comfort holds significance for you, it's probably a good idea to explore alternative showering options that afford greater privacy.

10. Environmental Consequences

Public beach showers use tons of water. By skipping out on public beach showers, you can actively contribute to water conservation efforts and adopt a more environmentally conscious approach.


public beach shower hazards


Alternatives to Public Beach Showers

So you can see that there are plenty of reasons - from hygienic, to privacy, to environmental, why you should avoid public beach showers. If you’re a frequent beacher, you may want to look for alternatives to beach showers, so you can keep yourself and your car clean without sacrificing your health or privacy. Let’s look at a few alternative options, so you can know what method may work best for you.

A Water Jug

If you’re looking for the cheapest option possible, a simple water jug may work for you, depending on your needs. If you just need to wash your feet off and maybe get a quick dump of water on your head and body, then you may be able to get away with a water jug. If you need any water pressure, or the ability to spray water directionally, like onto beach chairs, surfboards, etc., then a water jug will not suffice.

A Portable Shower

A portable shower is probably the best alternative to a public beach shower. With a portable shower, you can bring a shower with you, and use it in the parking lot away from the crowds of the beach shower line. The thing is, there are many types of portable showers with various forms and functions, so choosing the portable shower that works best for your needs is important. 

Let’s take a look at the various types of portable showers, how they work, and what type of beach goers they may work best for.

Gravity-Fed Portable Showers

A gravity-fed portable shower works without the need for electricity or a pressurized water source. It typically consists of a water reservoir or bag that is elevated above the user, allowing gravity to create water pressure and flow.

To use a gravity-fed portable shower, you fill the water reservoir or bag with water, hang it or hold it in a high position, and then connect a hose or showerhead to the bottom. When you open the showerhead's valve, gravity pulls the water down, creating pressure and casting the water to flow out in a steady stream. 

While this option is cheap and easy to use, the pressure is not very good, and since it requires gravity to create pressure, it will not work if you are washing something low to the ground. So if you’re trying to use it to wash off kids or even gear, you’re going to have trouble holding up the shower with one hand and washing off gear with the other.

Propane-Powered Portable Showers

Propane-powered portable showers use propane gas to heat the water. They provide hot showers even in remote locations and are often used by campers, hikers, and hunters. These showers offer adjustable water temperature and are known for their quick heating capabilities.

These portable showers are typically complicated and tough to set up. While they do provide hot water, they are more for camping and for cold climates than just washing off at the beach. If you were trying to use it just to wash off your body and gear after a day at the beach, it may be too much work to justify the setup time in the parking lot.

This type of portable shower also has pretty poor pressure. So again, not great for spraying off gear.

Hand Pump Portable Showers

Hand pump portable showers are a simple and affordable option for outdoor bathing. They feature a manual pump that pressurizes the water, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing shower wherever you are. These showers are compact, lightweight, and easy to operate.

This type of portable shower can be good for washing off after the beach, but they do require manual pumping and repressurizing, which can be a lot of work. They also typically have low capacity, so you may not be able to bring enough water to take a full shower and wash your gear off.

Battery-Powered Portable Showers

Battery-powered portable showers are designed for those who prefer a hassle-free showering experience. These showers are equipped with a rechargeable battery that pumps water through the showerhead. They are convenient and can be used in areas where access to electricity is limited.

Battery-powered portable showers typically have higher pressure that is more consistent than other portable shower options. They don’t have to be repressurized or pumped, so they are super easy to use. They are a great option for showering and cleaning off gear at the beach, as they can be easily stored in the trunk of your car, and there is virtually no setup time required for use. Since they don’t rely on gravity to function, they also can be used at any height, and even set on the ground while in use.

RinseKit Portable Showers

So you can see that, if you’re looking for the highest pressure, easiest to use and most versatile portable shower for cleaning off after the beach, battery pressurized portable showers are the best option. If you research battery powered portable showers, you will come across RinseKit.


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RinseKit portable showers are perfectly designed for beach trips, providing everything beachgoers need to not only wash their whole family off, but all their gear as well. Here are five reasons why it's the perfect choice:

Exceptional Portability: Each RinseKit is ingeniously designed with all the components built-in. Most models are around the size of a small cooler, so can be easily carried around, moved, and stored in the trunk or passenger seat of your vehicle.

Impressive High Pressure: Powered by a battery, every RinseKit delivers an impressive high-pressure spray at 50PSI. This level of pressure effectively washes away even the toughest sand and salt, ensuring consistent pressure until the last drop.

User-Friendly Operation: Thanks to its battery-powered pressurization, every RinseKit is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill it up through the top cap, press the power button, and you'll have powerful water pressure readily available at your fingertips. No pumping, no extemporaneous parts and not setup required.

Versatile Functionality: With its battery-pressurization and all-in-one design, the RinseKit offers exceptional versatility. They can be used not only as a shower but also as a hose, a way to wash hands, or even clean your beach gear, adapting to various needs during your beach trip.

Heating Options Available: There are heating options available for every RinseKit model, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy a hot shower at the beach.

In summary, RinseKit is an excellent choice for beach trips due to its portability, high-pressure performance, user-friendly operation, versatility, and heating options. It provides the ultimate showering solution for beachgoers, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable experience wherever your sandy adventures take you.


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So, there you have it, 10 reasons why you shouldn’t avoid public showers at the beach, and a few alternatives you can bring with you to replace those showers. If you don’t want to wait around, bathe in hundreds of other people’s filth, or in front of hundreds of people, you should strongly consider getting a portable shower for your beach trips. If you do, we strongly recommend including RinseKit in your search.