5 Ways to Use RinseKit for Camping

If you’re a serious camper, you know that there are many times when you’re camping that you don’t have access to pressurized water when you really need it. Whether you’re off-grid, at a campsite with no showers, or you’re cooking at the campsite, there are many times when you could really use some pressurized water and you simply don’t have access to it. 

At RinseKit, we’ve made it our mission to solve this issue - to make a pressurized, portable water system that can make it so campers of all varieties can have pressurized water wherever they may go. We see our RinseKits being utilized in a variety of ways at campsites, from hand washing to showering and much more. Here are 5 ways you can use RinseKit at your campsite.

1. Camping Hand Washing 

By the very nature of being outside, your hands are inevitably going to get dirty while you’re camping. Figuring out a way to wash your hands in these situations can be tough. Of course, you can always just pour water on your hands from a water bottle, but that can be very wasteful and still require you to be holding a bottle. If you’re cooking on the campsite this can be very wasteful as you may need to wash your hands several times during the process. If you’re just pouring from a bottle you’re going to waste a lot of valuable water, and your hands won’t even be getting that wet or clean.

RinseKit is a perfect solution for washing your hands while camping. If you have a RinseKit PRO, you can mount your spray nozzle and hose such that all you have to do is press the power button, and you will have a consistent stream of pressurized water spraying out, perfect for washing your hands. Here’s an example of what that can look like:

camping hand washing

Even better, if you add a RinseKit touchless Auto-Nozzle to your PRO, you can have water dispensed from a motion activated faucet. So then, you don’t even need to press a button, you can simply hold your hand in front of the Auto-Nozzle, and it will dispense water, without you having to touch a thing. You can also mount the Auto-Nozzle on the side of a vehicle using the suction mount, so you can have a touchless faucet on the side of your truck or car. It’s the ultimate innovative hand washing solution for the campsite, and it’s the only product of its kind.

rinsekit auto nozzle

2. Camping Dishwashing

If you’re a serious camper, then likely, you cook on the campsite. Whether you grill or cook on a camping stove, there are bound to be dishes involved, whether it’s a pan, a skillet, a spatula, etc. When you’re done cooking, you will of course be left with some dirty dishes. Now, what you decide to do with these is probably based on how long you will be camping. If it’s a one night stay, you might just decide to throw your dirty dishes in a tupperware box and forget about them until you get home. But if you’re staying more than one night, you’re going to need to clean them. 

If you do decide to do your dishes on the campsite, which, if you’re staying for more than one night, you will have to do, there’s no better solution than using a RinseKit. The 60 PSI pressurized spray plus 5-setting nozzle means you can knock the gunk and grime right off of any type of pan or dish. If you’re staying a whole week at a campsite and need fresh dishes to use every night, it’s an absolute must

camping dishwashing

3. Showering while Camping

Sometimes, a nice hot shower is all you need to feel comfortable; but that luxury can be hard to find. Some campgrounds have decent shower facilities, with hot pressurized water, but they aren’t always clean, hot or in working order. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to leave having a hot shower up for chance; I’d rather come prepared.

That’s where RinseKit comes in. We make portable showers. A portable shower makes it so you can literally shower anywhere, and they are perfect for setting up at campsites that don’t have shower facilities. We see people showering with RinseKit in a variety of ways. You can of course hold the hose in one hand and spray yourself off, like this:

sprinter van shower

Or, if you’d like it to be setup more like a traditional shower, you can always mount the hose on the side of your vehicle, like so:

camping shower

So if you need to shower on the campsite, RinseKit has you covered. Oh, and did we mention that we have heating options so you can take a hot shower anywhere?!

4. Cleaning Your Gear while Camping

Let’s face it, if you aren’t getting dirty, are you really having fun? Depending on where you’re camping and what you’re doing while camping - your gear will likely get very dirty. Whether it’s your boots, your bike, your fishing gear, or your vehicle itself, something is going to need to get cleaned off at the end of a long day. To really get grime off, layers of mud, etc. - you’re going to need more than just a jug of water. With RinseKit’s 60 PSI of pressure, you can get the most layered and encrusted grime off of any surface. So if you’re going to be overlanding, backcountry skiing, offroading or anything else that involves mud, dirt, sand and grime, you’re going to need a RinseKit.

boot cleaning

5. Cooling off while Camping

When you’re camping in the summer, depending on where you’re at it can get pretty hot. Especially in places with high humidity, mid-day temps can be pretty unbearable. A good way to cool down in these high temps is by spraying yourself with a cool mist. RinseKits can serve that function, as a portable misting station. With one of the 5 spray settings on the nozzle being the mist function, you can have a cool mist spray from your RinseKit at the push of a button, and it doesn’t use much water at all. Everyday can feel refreshing with RinseKit.

If you’re a serious camper, you need a RinseKit for showering, hand washing, dish washing, gear washing, misting off and so much more!  RinseKit can make your overall camping experience way more comfortable and can help keep your gear and dishes clean and in good condition. Campers in the know choose RinseKit for these many functions, and for its superior pressure, patented heating system, and unbeatable portability.

If you're using RinseKit at your campsite, don't forget to tag us @RinseKitUSA and tell us how you use it at your campsite.