Beat the Heat this Summer with RinseKit Sport

Summer is here and we aren't complaining! With sunny days ahead and adventures on the calendar, you're probably thinking about ways you can beat the heat! Look no further, we've got you covered. The RinseKit Sport is your solution to staying refreshed, cool and hydrated all summer long.


What are your summer plans? Going to the beach? Enjoying some sweet treats with the kids? Embarking on an adventure with your pals? Wherever you wander this summer, don’t forget to bring your new, trusty RinseKit Sport with you.  

Our new take on the ever-faithful insulated water bottle will take your hydration experience to the next level. Let the Sport be your best friend on any outing, whether you’re out camping, relaxing by the pool, at the gym, or at the park! 

The Sport is equipped with two settings: spray and mist, so you will always be ready to handle all of life’s messy moments. The spray (blue button) function allows for more precise spraying action: rinse off your kids’ sticky hands, quickly give your pup some water or rinse off your sandy toes before getting back into your car. While the misting function (white button) lets you keep cool after (and during!) workouts and it’s the perfect beach buddy on those hot summer days. Don’t want to get into the ocean or pool and get your hair wet, now you don’t have to! It’s as easy as pump, click, repeat! 

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!