OutsideHow Calls the Pod a Camping Essential for Your Next Trip

Some people can remain a few days outdoor with sweat and dirt but not all people can do so. A portable shower can bring you to a different level of camping experience.

You can get underwhelmed with the notable lack of pressure that these showers have, if you have never used one before.

The RinseKit Pod does not have a battery and is portable, and has a garden hose-like nozzle in its pressurized shower. It gives you a 1.6 inch wide shower spray from a six-foot hose attached to a 1.5 gallon tank.

Its hard and durable shell is built for outdoor adventures. It is portable with its compact size and can easily be stored behind the seat of your car. Accessories that are compatible with this are the RinseKit Hot Rod Water Heater and Pressure Booster Pump, which can also be used independently.

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