How to Take a Hot Shower Using the RinseKit

Have you ever come back dirty and exhausted after a long day of exploring, looking forward to a hot, relaxing shower, just to realize you have to rinse off with a mediocre, over-priced bag filled with cold water that you have to hang from a tree branch? Don’t rely on gravity to get clean: utilize the RinseKit along with our Hot Rod Water Heater and have hot water at your fingertips!

Pro Tip! Use our Hot Water Sink Adapter to fill your RinseKit with hot or warm water.

Not sure how it works? Let us show you!



1) Open the lid of your RinseKit and unscrew the drain plug by turning it counter-clockwise.

2) Turn your RinseKit upside down and drain all of the water out.

3) Turn your RinseKit right side up and using your hands only, screw the heating rod into the drain port by turning it clockwise. Be very careful not to cross thread the metal threads of the heater with the plastic threads of the tank. It’s helpful to push the top of the heating probe straight down into the threads and slowly turn the probe clockwise until the threads engage. Hold the timer and cord with your other hand to allow it to spin as you screw the heater into the RinseKit tank. If the heater is difficult to turn, then you’ve cross threaded it. Do not force it. Back out the heater by turning it counter clockwise and try again.

4) Once you have the heater probe hand tight, then use the wrench provided (27mm) to snug it firmly.

5) Fill your RinseKit as you normally would. If you have not filled it before, please refer to the instructions inside the lid of your RinseKit or watch a video on how to fill your RinseKit in this FAQ section. We recommend that you completely fill your RinseKit before using the heater. This will ensure that the heating probe is completely submerged. Turning the heater on while the RinseKit is empty could cause the heater to overheat and damage it. Once the heater is inserted into the drain port, it is ok to leave the heater permanently installed in the RinseKit.

1) Once the heater probe is installed and the RinseKit is filled, load the RinseKit in your vehicle in a secure place where it will not tip over or hit you in the case of an accident.

2) Plug the timer into the 12v power socket (cigarette lighter) of your vehicle and set the timer to either 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

a. Press the silver button one time on the timer and the water will heat for 30 minutes.

b. Press the silver button twice and the water will heat for 60 minutes.

c. Press the silver button three times and the timer will heat for 90 minutes.

If you press the silver button 4 times it will reset to off.

The specific time light (30, 60 or 90 mins) will blink when the heater has been activated. The heater will then begin heating within 2 seconds after the time has been selected.

When the timer reaches the last 5 minutes of heating, the 5 min light will blink.

Note: For every 30 minutes of time, the water water will heater approximately 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more information, check out our FAQ's.