Introducing the RinseKit HyperHeater: The Ultimate Portable Instant Hot Water Heater for the RinseKit PRO

At RinseKit, we always have been and always will be about innovation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, whether it’s by improving pressure, tank capacity, or heating - to make the portable showering experience as good, or better, than showering at home. 

While we've been constantly pushing the envelope of portable shower technology, there’s been  one element of the equation that has always been a challenge: heating. Although we have heating options currently available, we really wanted to create a way for the water to get hotter, quicker - like a real shower. That’s why we are excited to announce the latest addition to the RinseKit product line, the RinseKit HyperHeater - the ultimate instant hot water heater for your RinseKit PRO.

portable hot camping shower

Maximum Heat

The RinseKit HyperHeater is entirely unique in its heating technology. Unlike the Hot Rod Water Heater, which relies on a stainless steel immersion heating probe, the HyperHeater is powered by propane which means it can get much hotter much quicker. In fact, the HyperHeater can heat the water up to 106 F in just 15 seconds - which is actually quicker than your typical shower at home. That means you can have a piping hot shower in literally less than 30 seconds anywhere!

rinsekit hyperheater

Easy to Use

How the HyperHeater works is simple. Just hook up your RinseKit PRO to the back of the HyperHeater via the hose and turn your RinseKit PRO on. You’ll also plug the HyperHeater power cord into the 12-volt socket built into the RinseKit PRO. Next, you’ll turn the HyperHeater on and turn up the heat gauge to your preferred temperature. The water will run from the RinseKit PRO through the HyperHeater and out the included shower nozzle. Now you have a steamy hot shower, wherever you are. The LED panel instantly registers the temperature of the water so you can have full control over just how hot you want your shower to be.

portable hot shower

Fully Portable

We are extremely excited about the HyperHeater because we believe that it is a big step forward in fulfilling our promise to our customers - to provide the best portable shower possible. With the HyperHeater, we have fully achieved one of the main pillars of that promise - quick, and powerful heat. It is a TRUE portable hot shower setup that is unmatched - fully portable, not reliant on any external water source or power source, and able to deliver hot water in seconds. 

portable hot shower

We believe that the HyperHeater will set the standard for portable hot shower technology, and that its applications, from off grid homesteading to emergency shower backup, to just plain old camping - are endless. We are extremely excited to see how our customers use their HyperHeaters, and where they take them.