Introducing the RinseKit PRO PAK: The Biggest, Most Feature-Packed RinseKit Yet

You spoke, and we listened. For years, RinseKit customers have been asking for more water - a higher capacity RinseKit. We heard those requests, and so for the last 2 years, we have been working to create a RinseKit that carries more water. Now, after hours and hours and months and months of research, engineering and testing, we are very excited to announce the release of the RinseKit PRO PAK - a 4.5 gallon, battery powered RinseKit.

rinsekit pro pak

Why was it made?

The impetus for creating the PRO PAK came from the requests of many of our customers who wanted a higher capacity RinseKit. As our company has aged and our products have evolved, we have been focused on increasing capacity with every generation of RinseKit, and the PRO PAK is the latest step in that direction. Made for those who want to adventure longer and go further, the PRO PAK is perfect for extended trips and group outings. Whether you’re finishing up a surf session, camping with the kids, or embracing offgrid life, the PRO PAK’s high capacity and feature-packed design is there to keep you clean and comfortable. 

Industry-Changing Features

Along with increased capacity, the PRO PAK boasts some really cool features that other portable showers, and even other RinseKit’s, don’t have.

rinsekit pro pak features

Battery-Powered Pressurization

We have found that our customers love the convenience and ease-of-use that the battery-powered pressurization of our 3.5 Gallon RinseKit PRO provides. The battery power makes it so that the RinseKit pressurizes itself, and therefore doesn’t require pumping or any pressurization from outside sources like a hose. So we took that cutting-edge technology and applied it to the PRO PAK, and thus, it boasts superior pressurization at 50 PSI consistently. That’s enough to knock off the stickiest, driest dirt and grime from any surface.


Due to the battery-powered pressurization, the PRO PAK does not have to be filled via a hose or sink adapter. The top-fill cap makes it so the PRO PAK can be filled with water from any source, so it’s easy to fill from a sink or bathtub with no accessories required. It makes it all that more convenient for refilling on the road.

Insulated Tank

One of the most unique features of the PRO PAK is the 1-inch thick insulation that surrounds the tank. The insulation is made up of polyethylene foam - a strong, resilient, closed-cell foam that serves as insulation for many products. The 1-inch of polyethylene foam makes it so that the water in the tank retains its temperature for much longer - so if you fill it up with hot water, it will stay hot for hours. This makes it perfect for showering off after cold weather activities, providing a hot shower without any need for a heater if you initially fill it up with hot water.


Many of our customers have asked for a way to strap their RinseKit down, and the PRO PAK meets those requests as well. To make it strap-friendly, we wrapped finely woven molle webbing around both ends of the PRO PAK. For those that don’t know, the MOLLE in molle webbing stands for modular lightweight load carrying equipment. Most military gear has some form of molle-webbing on it, and it’s perfect for strapping, hooking things onto, and much more. So in the case of the PRO PAK, the molle-webbing makes it easy to strap it to a roof rack, hook in a truck bed, or even a tree. You can also hang things off of it, which can come in handy when carrying it around.

rinsekit pro pak molle webbing

Weather-Proof Exterior

The rubber exterior of the PRO PAK makes it so it is both water resistant and weather-proof, basically meaning you could leave it out in the rain or snow and it won’t be damaged or affected. Since there is a battery in it, it is not able to be fully submerged in water, but as long as it is zipped up and shut, it can get fully wet on the outside and be unaffected. This means you can leave it strapped to the roof of your car, and not have to worry about it if it rains.

Backpack Straps

One aspect of RinseKit products that we have always prided ourselves on is their portability - after all, we are in the business of portable showers, meaning, they should be easily movable. With its higher capacity, making the PRO PAK as easily portable as other lower capacity RinseKit’s proved to be a challenge. In light of that, we had to think outside the box. That’s why we added backpack straps to the PRO PAK, so that instead of having to use one arm to carry it, you can tote it around on your back and use the strength of your legs to carry it. It makes it super comfortable and easy to carry even with its weight at full capacity, and when you’re carrying it one handed, it is softer on your hands than our previous models with plastic top handles.

rinsekit pro pak straps

Versatile Shape

The PRO PAK is built differently from all other RinseKit models, primarily in its shape. While older RinseKit models were shaped like a cooler, the PRO PAK is shaped more like a golf bag - which helps with both portability and versatility. Due to its long, flat bottom and soft exterior, it makes it comfortable when carrying on your back, and when it’s laid down, it won’t tip over. It can also be strapped vertically onto poles, trees, or any type of vertical surface. When designing the PRO PAK, we took very special care to make sure it had the versatility to work for anyone, whether they are keeping it in their car or propping it up at the campsite.

portable hot camping shower

On-the-go Power

With the battery power of the PRO PAK, comes portable power. The same 12-volt socket used to charge the battery of the PRO PAK also can be used as an external power source, so you can charge your devices anywhere you go. This feature can be super useful when you’re off grid or at the campsite and don’t want to turn your vehicle on to charge your phone. So not only does the PRO PAK serve as a portable shower, it serves as a portable charging station as well.

12v camping shower

Compatible with RinseKit PRO Accessories

Because the PRO PAK is battery powered, it’s compatible with all the same accessories that the RinseKit PRO is compatible with. This includes the touchless, motion-detecting portable faucet, the Auto-Nozzle, as well as the propane powered instant portable water heater, the HyperHeater. So if you’re looking to maximize your RinseKit with the most accessories possible, the PRO PAK will allow you to do that.

rinsekit pro pak + auto-nozzle

A Wide Range of Uses

Due to its cutting edge technology and revolutionary features, the PRO PAK is an extremely versatile portable shower that’s applications are endless. Because of its capacity and ability to hold a ton of water, it can provide a long, hot shower literally anywhere, which makes it the ultimate shower for camping, especially in cold conditions. Add the shape, molle-webbing, portability and weather-proof exterior to that formula, and it really is the most rugged, tough, and nomadic portable shower out there.

We think that for campers, overlanders, travelers and van lifers, there is no better portable shower solution out there. It could also be perfect for events, festivals, group outings, and as a backup shower for emergencies and power outages. We believe everyone can benefit from the PRO PAK.

hot camp shower

A Culmination of Years of Innovation

So as you can see, the PRO PAK is truly a piece of engineering greatness. We’ve taken all the feedback we received about previous RinseKit models, and melded it together to create what we believe is the ultimate RinseKit - one that is bigger, more portable, more insulated, and holds up to the elements better. We truly believe that there is no portable shower out there that is better suited for what adventure brings, and we hope that our customers can use the PRO PAK to make their adventures more comfortable, so they can go further.