The 7 Best Beach Buys at Costco to Get You Ready for Summer 2024


Summer 2024 is well on its  way. Sun-drenched afternoons beside the rolling waves are in your near future - but are you prepared? Having the right beach equipment can make or break your experience, so now is the time to get what you need to have the best summer ever.When you’re considering what you need and where to shop for your beach equipment, you should consider a one-stop shop that will also provide you the best quality equipment for the best deal.

Considering these factors, Costco stands as a go-to destination for beachgoers looking to equip themselves with all the necessities for a day on the sand. The appeal lies in the variety, quality, and discounted price of items available, allowing shoppers to find everything they need under one roof while saving money. Whether it’s beachwear, protective gear like sunshades, or comfortable seating options, Costco offers a range of products designed to make every beach outing as enjoyable as possible, usually at a heavy discount compared to other retail sources.

The thing is, Costco does have a wide variety of beach items available, so knowing what you can get there for the best deal should be a part of your beach shopping research. To aid you in your beach preparation quest, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best beach items available at Costco just in time for summer 2024, so you can maximize your fun in the sun and the money in your bank account.

The Best Beach Items Available at Costco for Summer 2024

1. Body Glove 11’ Performer Inflatable Standup Paddle Board:


Nothing says summer like paddling around at your local lake, stream or beach on a paddle board. It’s a great way to enjoy scenery while getting out on the water, plus it's a great workout. 

The only downside of traditional standup paddle boards is that they are large and bulky. That’s why inflatable paddle boards are a great solution for those that drive smaller vehicles or that don’t want to deal with the hassle of transporting paddle boards on roof racks or in truck beds. With inflatable paddle boards, you can easily transport them deflated and rolled up in your car. When you get to the beach or lake you can then use a pump to inflate it, and it's ready to go.

The Body Glove Performer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, now available at Costco, is ultra-portable, lightweight, and stable. It’s perfect for lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Features include adjustable, removable seats with storage compartments and a removable fin for steering control. It deflates and comes with an easy to carry tote bag, so you can store it in your car or your garage without it taking up the space that a traditional paddle board would. The pump is electric, so pumping it up at the beach is effortless.

The Body Glove 11’ Performer Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is now available at Costco for $399.99.

2. Tommy Bahama ANCHORX 8’ Beach Umbrella:

A good umbrella with a solid base is a must-have for any beach outing. A good umbrella has large coverage, a solid  anchoring system, and is made of quality materials  so it provides maximum coverage while holding up in the wind.

The Tommy Bahama ANCHORX 8’ Beach Umbrella has everything you need in a durable  beach umbrella. It features superior wind stability with its ANCHORX™ system that holds it steady even on the windiest day. It boasts a tilt feature adjustable height pole so you can adjust it based on the angle of the sun. Durable, stylish, and super functional, it’s the perfect beach umbrella for any environment.

The Tommy Bahama ANCHORX 8’ Beach Umbrella is now available at Costco for $49.99.

3. Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon with Brakes:

Let’s face it, lugging beach equipment around is a pain. In fact, it may be the most painful part of the beach going experience. The solution to this age-old problem is simple: a beach wagon. With a beach wagon, you can haul all your equipment - chairs, umbrellas, boards and more easily and effortlessly, saving you energy and ending your frustrations.

The Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon is the perfect wagon for hauling equipment to and from the beach, the lake, or even the cookout. It boasts large all-terrain wheels, allowing it to transition across surfaces easily. It also has braking so you can stop on a dime, even on hills. It has an easy-open back panel so you can even transport long items like umbrellas or surfboards. There is no assembly required and it collapses quickly  for easy storage.

The Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon with Brakes is now available at Costco for $99.99.

4. Tobin Sports Wavebreak Inflatable 2-person Kayak:

Getting out on the water on a kayak is a great summer activity. You combine scenic views, the feeling of being on the water, and exercise all in one. It's an even better activity when you bring a friend - which is why a 2-person kayak is even better.

The Tobin Sports Wavebreak Inflatable 2-person Kayak is an inflatable tandem kayak for two adults. It features adjustable, removable seats with storage compartments, a lightweight aluminum paddle, and removable fins for stability. It’s inflatable, so that means you can deflate it at the end of your adventure for easy transport and storage.

Tobin Sports Wavebreak Inflatable 2-person Kayak is now available at Costco for $229.99.

5. Tommy Bahama Wood Sling Beach Chair:

The ultimate way to enjoy the beach is from the comfort of a nice beach chair. If you know your beach chairs, you probably know that wood frame chairs are by far the most comfortable and durable. They sit further off the ground so they are better for your back and neck, and in general, have a more luxurious feel than a low to the ground aluminum chair.

The Tommy Bahama Wood Sling Beach Chair is a high quality wood sling chair, now available at Costco. This chair boasts a durable frame that is made of eucalyptus and is water-resistant. It boasts three reclining positions so you can lounge how you want. The chair features an added pillow, so you can maximize your neck comfort and lounge in style wherever you go.

The Tommy Bahama Wood Sling Beach Chair is now available at Costco for $169.99.

6. Igloo ICF 80DZ 83-quart Cooler:

Coolers are great for beach days, but you know what’s even better? A cooler that doesn’t require ice. Nowadays, you can buy coolers with built-in refrigerators and freezers, so you can ditch the ice and keep your drinks cooler than ever.
The Igloo Iceless Electric Cooler is a portable cooler that keeps food and drinks cold without the need for ice. It plugs into your car’s 12V outlet and maintains a consistent temperature. It’s great for the beach, road trips, picnics, and outdoor events.
The Igloo ICF 80DZ 83-quart Cooler is now available at Costco in-store. Prices vary by store.

7. The 3.5 Gallon RinseKit PRO Portable Shower:

Beach days get dirty. All the sand and salt that collects on bodies and equipment is not something you want to bring home with you. While many beaches have showers, many do not, and even if they do, the lines can get exhaustingly long. Luckily, there’s a solution to your beach day’s wash-off woes: The RinseKit PRO.

The RinseKit PRO is a 3.5 gallon battery-powered portable shower. It’s basically a shower / hose in a box- and with its battery powered pressure, it delivers the same powerful and consistent pressure you’re used to from your hose at home. Compared to other portable showers it’s very easy to use; you simply fill it from any water source, press the power button and spray. With up to 6 minutes of continuous spray, it gives you enough water to rinse off all your sandy beach gear and your little ones so you don’t bring the sand in your vehicle. It’s the ultimate beach cleanup solution that literally every beach goer could use.

Luckily for Costco shoppers, the RinseKit PRO just hit the shelves at Costco and in time for summer. It’s also heavily discounted - $110 off from the RinseKit website price. At this price it’s a steal, and as summer is on the way, they will be going fast. So if you want a powerful and easy beach cleanup solution you should run, not walk to your local Costco and buy a RinseKit PRO today.

The 3.5 Gallon RinseKit PRO portable shower is now available at Costco for $189.99.

So there you have it, 7 of the best beach items available in Costco for summer 2024. Costco can serve as your one stop shop for all of these items, and you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality products at the best deal. So get ready for summer now and head over to your local Costco today.