The Grom Life Declares RinseKit as the Best Portable Shower Option for Surfers on the Market

"A warm shower at the beach after a surf might have sounded like the stuff dreams are made of but not anymore. That can actually be an option for you after your morning surf, thanks to portable showers. Originally designed for camping trips, they have quickly become a new surfing favorite.

Rinsing yourself and your gear off after getting out of the water will ensure that your gear lasts longer and will save you from washing the your gear when you get home. Not to mention showing in warm water is way better than cold water in the wintertime.

Showering at the beach will also allow you to carry on with your day without having to go back home to clean up. You could dash to work or run your errands without feeling the salt stuck to your skin.

The RinseKit PLUS is easily the best pressurized portable shower on the market and is great for surfing and just about any other outdoor activity."

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