This Shouldn't Be a Debate: Hand Washing vs Hand Sanitizer


"There Are More Bacteria on Your Hands Than Anywhere Else"*


With the new way of life 2020 has brought, now more than ever we are all consciously trying to keep ourselves and others around us healthy.  One of the easiest ways to do that is by washing your hands. The C.D.C. and the World Health Organization recommend washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with, cold or warm, water and soap (preferably a bar soap or gentle liquid cleanser as antibacterial soaps may cause antibiotic resistance) when possible. Soap doesn’t actually kill germs on our hands, it breaks them up and removes them. When you build up a soapy lather, the molecules help lift the dirt, oil and germs from your skin. Then rinsing with clean water washes it all away.”[1]  


Using hand sanitizers and gels may seem like the better and more convenient option however multiple sources have shown that we are not using enough sanitizer and aren’t keeping it on adequately, around 30 seconds[2], to utilize its full potential. Though effective in its own ways, studies show that alcohol based hand sanitizers work well in a clinical setting, when hands are not heavily soiled or greasy, however, in community settings - where people handle equipment, food or play sports — sanitizers can't clean thoroughly enough[3] and do not eliminate all types of germs.[4] Some lesser potent sanitizers merely reduce the growth of germs rather than eliminate them entirely.


Protecting yourself and those around you should be a top priority.

Let us help keep you clean and safe.


You may be thinking, “But when I’m on the job, I don’t always have access to clean running water”, and that thought will soon be a thing of the past thanks to our portable, pressurized RinseKit! No need to purchase large quantities of single use plastic hand sanitizers. One fill of the RinseKit is enough water to wash your hands up to 15 times, no batteries required. Our RinseKit Plus offers additional top storage to keep your soap and paper towels at the ready. The RinseKit Pod is convenient to keep on your work truck with its compact light-weight design. Whichever model suits your needs, you can be sure you and your crew will be safe on the job.


*Dr. Terry Platchek of the Stanford School of Medicine