US National Parks With and Without Showers: The Full List

national parks with showers


The United States is an incredible place for camping and outdoor recreation - attracting tourists from all over the world that flock here to take in the many natural wonders that dot our land. This country is blessed with abundant natural beauty and diverse wildlife, ranging from pristine beaches to lush forests and rolling hills. Truly, there is no other place in the world that boasts the number of extraordinary natural features that we do.

Like many regions, the optimal way to fully immerse oneself in the beauty of the United States is by exploring its national parks. Fortunately, for all nature enthusiasts, the United States boasts many national parks to choose from, each presenting unique landscapes and an array of amenities.

Many of the National parks in the United States allow camping, and of those that do, many offer amenities to ensure a comfortable camping adventure. Essential facilities like bathrooms and water fountains are available at most parks, and some have shower facilities as well. However, it's worth noting that, due to the fact that some parks are located in remote locations, have limited infrastructure, or budgetary restrictions, certain parks might not have showers.

To assist you in planning your national park adventures, we've compiled a comprehensive list of every national park, including whether they allow camping, and if and if they have shower facilities. This list of all national park campsites will help you prepare for your journey, allowing you to know in advance whether the national park you’re visiting has campsites and whether those campsites have showers.

Before jumping into the list, let's first explore general information regarding the percentage of United States national parks that have showers.

Percentage of United States National Parks WITH Showers

us national parks with and without showers


Out of the 64 US National Parks, 68.3% did not have any shower stations. That’s 43 of the 64 National Parks with no shower facilities at all. So you can see that, if you’re planning a National Park camping trip, it’s very important to know if the park you’re going to has shower facilities.

United States National Parks With Showers: The Full List

Now that you have an idea about the percentage of US National Parks that offer shower facilities, let's delve into the comprehensive list of those parks with and without showers. This list aims to assist you in effectively organizing your upcoming trips to US National Parks, ensuring that you are prepared for any expedition, regardless of the availability of showers.

National Park Showers?
Acadia National Park No
American Samoa National Park No
Arches National Park No
Badlands National Park No
Big Bend National Park No
Biscayne National Park No
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park No
Bryce Canyon National Park No
Canyonlands National Park No
Capitol Reef National Park No
Carlsbad Caverns National Park No
Channel Islands National Park No
Congaree National Park No
Crater Lake National Park No
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Yes
Death Valley National Park No
Denali National Park and Preserve Yes
Dry Tortugas National Park No
Everglades National Park Yes
Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve No
Gateway Arch National Park No
Glacier National Park Yes
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve No
Grand Canyon National Park Yes
Grand Teton National Park Yes
Great Basin National Park No
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve No
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Guadalupe Mountains National Park No
Haleakalā National Park No
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park No
Hot Springs National Park Yes
Indiana Dunes National Park Yes
Isle Royale National Park No
Joshua Tree National Park No
Katmai National Park and Preserve No
Kenai Fjords National Park No
Kings Canyon National Park No
Kobuk Valley National Park No
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve No
Lassen Volcanic National Park No
Mammoth Cave National Park Yes
Mesa Verde National Park No
Mount Rainier National Park Yes
North Cascades National Park No
Olympic National Park Yes
Petrified Forest National Park Yes
Pinnacles National Park No
Redwood National and State Parks No
Rocky Mountain National Park Yes
Saguaro National Park No
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Yes
Shenandoah National Park Yes
Theodore Roosevelt National Park Yes
Virgin Islands National Park No
Voyageurs National Park No
Wind Cave National Park No
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve No
Yellowstone National Park Yes
Yosemite National Park Yes
Zion National Park No
New River Gorge National Park and Preserve Yes
White Sands National Park No


Considering the information we provided earlier, if you're planning a camping excursion to US National Parks, it would be wise to consider bringing a portable shower along, especially if the campground you plan to go to is at one of those national parks without shower facilities. No matter where you are in the US in the Summer, it is likely going to be hot during the day, making it crucial to have a means to wash away the dirt, dust, and sweat at the end of your day. Even if you’re camping in the Fall and Winter, it can be nice to have a hot portable shower to warm up at the end of the day. A shower not only makes your sleeping comfort easier but also makes it easier to keep your tent or vehicle cleaner.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Campsite Showers Anyways

Even in cases where the national park you're camping at does provide shower facilities, they are typically not ideal. Often, these showers cost money and there’s usually a long line to use them. Another consideration is the huge number of people that use them throughout the day. These public showers can become breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria, potentially exposing you to illness.

Bringing a portable shower to the campsite allows you to have a complete showering experience, enabling you to skip the lines and avoid the public shower's less-than-ideal conditions. With a portable shower, you can enjoy a hot, high-pressure shower right at the campsite. This provides you with privacy, sanitation, and cost savings all in one package.

Additional Uses for Portable Showers

Even if you don't primarily need a portable shower for bathing, a pressurized water source has numerous applications at a campsite that make it worthwhile to bring along. It can assist in cooking, dishwashing, hand washing, cleaning gear, and much more. You may not fully realize how many tasks require pressurized water until you find yourself without it, so having a portable shower at the campsite proves invaluable for cooking,cleaning and safety.

Why Choose RinseKit Portable Showers

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For those seeking private showering solutions at the campsite, our two-roomed shower tent ensures complete seclusion. By combining RinseKit, the HyperHeater, and the Shelter Shower Tent, you can indulge in a secluded and steamy shower experience anywhere you choose. Say goodbye to waiting in line for public showers and instead enjoy a lavish and convenient showering experience at your leisure.


shower tent for national parks


So there you have it, a list of all of the US National Parks with and without showers. With this information, you will be able to adequately prepare for your US National park trip - either by knowing whether or not you will have a shower available, or whether you should bring your own.