Luxury Tailgate Essentials: Elevate Your Game Day Experience

luxury tailgating items

Tailgating is one of the great American past times. Gathering with your close friends and family, eating delicious food and enjoying the outdoors before the big game - what could be better? 

The thing is - like any outdoor event, being properly prepared for a tailgate party can either make or break your experience. Having the right equipment can make the experience more enjoyable and luxurious, so that everyone has a comfortable and fun time. In this guide, we'll explore  luxury tailgate essentials that can enhance your game day experience - helping you create amazing memories that last a lifetime.

Comfortable Seating Solutions

While a lot of tailgate parties are stand-up affairs, if you’re having a more laid back tailgate, you will want to have some nice chairs for maximum lounge optimization. If you’re sitting on pavement or even an outdoor rug a simple folding chair will not do - you’ll want something nicer to fully enjoy your tailgate experience.

Premium Folding Chairs

Nice chairs can make all the difference when you’re doing a long day of tailgating. For this reason, you should invest in premium folding chairs made from high-quality materials. Look for options with padded seats and backrests for ultimate comfort. These chairs not only offer relaxation but also elevate the aesthetics of your tailgate setup.

Tailgate Loungers

If you really want comfort at the tailgate party, you should definitely look into a lounger chair. These luxurious reclining chairs provide optimal comfort, making them perfect for watching the game or just lounging in style. You’ll feel like you’re on your recliner at home watching the game, except you’ll be AT the actual game.

Gourmet Grilling Gear

If you ain’t grillin’ at a tailgate are you really tailgating? So if you’re going to grill at the tailgate, you may as well do it right. Having a high quality grill and the right equipment is super important to be able to properly grill a good meal - especially if it’s for a crowd. There’s a few things to consider when you’re choosing your grilling setup, let’s look at them

luxury tailgating grills

If you ain’t grillin’ at a tailgate are you really tailgating? So if you’re going to grill at the tailgate, you may as well do it right. Having a high quality grill and the right equipment is super important to be able to properly grill a good meal - especially if it’s for a crowd. There’s a few things to consider when you’re choosing your grilling setup, let’s look at them.

Stainless Steel Grills

A high-end stainless steel grill is a must for any luxury tailgate. It ensures even cooking and easy cleanup. Look for features like multiple burners, warming racks, and side tables for added convenience.

Artisanal Grilling Tools

Never underestimate the difference a nice set of knives and high quality spatula will make on your grilling experience. A set of top-quality grilling utensils will not only make your cooking process smoother but also showcase your dedication to culinary excellence.

Portable Entertainment

Nothing makes your tailgate party stand out like premium entertainment. That means big screens, nice speakers - amenities you’d have at home, but outside and at the party. So if you want your tailgate party to be the talk of the lot, you might want to consider these portable entertainment options when building your setup:

Outdoor Projectors

Transform your tailgate into a mini movie theater with a portable outdoor projector. You can watch pre-game highlights, movies, or even stream the live game for an immersive experience. It’s like having your big screen tv at home - but outside and at the party. 

Premium Portable Sound Systems

Nothing makes a party like a good set of speakers blasting some great tunes or the play-by-play of the game. High-quality speakers and a subwoofer will ensure that everyone enjoys the game's sound effects or music to the fullest. There are some great portable speaker systems out there that boast very high volume and quality that won’t break the bank.

Portable Temperature Control

Let’s face it - when you’re tailgating, most of the time, the temperature is not going to be perfect. That’s why having some kind of portable temperature control system, like a portable outdoor A/C system or portable heater, can make a huge difference in the comfortability of your tailgating experience. If you’re a serious tailgater and are serious about comfort - these temperature control systems can become one of the most essential elements of your setup.

Portable Outdoor A/C Systems

While not many people are aware they exist, there are now some very powerful and efficient outdoor A/C systems that can keep you cool when it’s hot and humid on game day. These portable A/C systems range in size and price, but if you want to really keep cool on those hot and humid day, you should invest in one of the larger systems. They are about the size of a cooler and typically run upwards of $250, but you will be so grateful you have it when everyone else is sweaty and sticky and you are watching the game in complete cool comfort.

Portable Heaters

As football season runs into the Winter, there are many situations in which you will be tailgating in the cold. There’s nothing worse than trying to drink and eat with cold hands, so in those situations, having a portable heater can make a huge difference in your comfort level. These products are powered in a variety of ways, but typically they are either electric or propane powered. If you have a portable power source, electricity may be the way to go for you, but it’s really dependent on your setup.

Comfortable Flooring

When you’re standing around or even sitting in chairs all day before, during and after the game, the last thing you want is to be on solid pavement the whole time. That’s why having some nice flooring can make a huge difference when it comes to your game day comfort.

Outdoor Rugs

Add a touch of luxury underfoot with outdoor rugs. They will not only add to the feng shui of your tailgate space, but also provide a comfortable and clean surface for guests to walk on.

Cushioned Matting

For those long hours of standing or sitting, cushioned matting can make a significant difference. It reduces fatigue and adds a plush feel to your setup. At the end of the day, when everyone else is aching and tired from standing, you’ll feel like you’ve been walking on clouds the whole time.

Portable Power Solutions

Having power at your tailgate is essential not only for some of the items we discussed above, but for charging your phone, your computer, whatever other electronics you may need during your day. That’s why having a dependable portable power source is critical to your whole tailgating operation.

Portable Power Banks 
Power banks are compact and easy to carry. They can charge smartphones, cameras, and other small devices. Look for rugged, waterproof models with high capacity for extended use.


Car Power Inverters

If you have access to a vehicle, a car power inverter can convert your car's DC power into AC power, allowing you to charge devices and run small appliances. Be mindful not to drain your car battery excessively.

Portable Water Dispensers

To have a comfortable cooking and dining experience, having a portable water solution - for hand washing, utensil cleaning and whatever else you need water for, is critical. The last thing you want to have to do is pour water from a cup over your hands, use wet wipes, or dirty cloths to wash things off. There are a few different options for portable water dispensing, varying in price and functionality.

Portable Hand Washing Coolers 

One solution that many people opt for is the Igloo coolers that we are all used to from sports games. These are typically high capacity plastic tanks, where you press a button and water comes out from a spout. These are usually used for dispensing drinking water, but can be used as a hand washing solution as well. The issue with these is that you still have to touch a button to get the water to dispense, which can pose issues if you are preparing food like raw chicken or fish where you don’t want to have to touch anything to have the water dispense.

Portable Showers

Portable showers, typically used for camping and beaching, are a great solution for dispensing water when tailgating. Since they provide pressurized water, they can function more like your sink at home, able to spray water with pressure instead of just pouring it out.


tailgating handwashing


There are many different types of portable showers with different functionalities, pressurization methods and price points, but typically, they are super portable and provide great pressure, able to knock dirt and grime off better than alternatives. Let’s look more into what to look for in a portable shower when it comes to choosing one for your luxury tailgating experience.

Choosing the Right Portable Shower for Your Tailgate Setup

When you’re researching portable showers for your tailgate setup, you’ll want to consider the following factors when making your decision:  

Portability - When looking into a portable shower for tailgating, it's important to assess its ease of mobility and how easy it is to set up. If you plan to use it for dish or hand washing, it should be able to be easily moved to and set up on a picnic table or truck bed.

Capacity - Ensure that the portable shower you purchase has sufficient capacity to deliver an ample amount of water for thorough dishwashing. If it only holds 1-2 gallons, it may not be adequate for properly cleaning all your pots, pans, and plates or provide handwashing throughout the day.

Pressurization - Confirm that your portable shower offers enough water pressure to effectively remove sticky food residue and grease. Some portable showers provide more pressure than others, or may lose pressure as they are used. How the portable shower pressurizes the water is important to consider as well - as some require portable power or manual pumping.

Heating - If you intend to use the portable shower for actual bathing or handwashing, consider whether there are options available for heating the water.

Ease of Use - Some portable showers are complicated to set up, and some require manual effort like hand pumping in order to pressurize them. For a luxury tailgating experience, you’ll want to find a portable shower that is easy and quick to set up and use.

How the Water is Dispensed - As we discussed earlier, if you are primarily planning on using your portable water dispenser for hand and dish washing, then the method by which water is dispensed is important. You don’t want to have to touch anything when your hands are dirty, so a touchless solution is best.

Why RinseKit is the Best Tailgating Water Solution

If you consider all the factors we discussed above, you’ll find that there is no better tailgating water dispensing solution than the RinseKit + Auto-Nozzle. Here’s why:

Portability - The RinseKit PRO and RinseKit Cube are both super portable, with sturdy top handles that allow for easy moving. For both models, the water tank is built-in, so there are no exterior parts that require moving along with the shower. Both models are around the size of a small cooler, so they will fit easily on your truck bed or on a picnic table.

Capacity - Both the Cube and PRO are high capacity portable showers. The PRO at 3.5 gallons and the Cube at 4 gallons- both contain enough water for a full day of hand washing and dish cleaning. 

Pressurization - Both the PRO and Cube utilize battery-powered pressurization, meaning that an AGMbattery pressurizes the water in the tank so you get a high pressure spray that is consistent, and will not weaken with use. Other portable showers that depend on self-pressurization or manual pump pressurization methods inevitably lose pressure as the water in the tank is used, leading to inconsistent pressure.

Heating - Both the PRO and Cube are compatible with the RinseKit’s portable propane powered heater, the HyperHeater. Utilizing the battery-powered pressure, the HyperHeater cycles the water from the RinseKit through it and heats it up with a propane powered flame within the unit. This powerful heating system can heat the water up to around 110 F in 30 seconds, providing steaming hot water in seconds. So on cold tailgating days where you need a little warm up, this setup can provide a hot water hand wash station in seconds.

Ease of Use - The RinseKit PRO and Cube are the easiest to use portable showers out there. Due to their battery-powered pressure, using these models is as easy as pouring in water via the top cap, pressing the power button and voila - you have a high pressure spray on demand.

How the Water is Dispensed - Here’s the thing that the RinseKit PRO and Cube have that no other portable shower does - compatibility with the RinseKit Auto-Nozzle. This innovative product is equipped with a touchless sensor, and can be attached to the end of the RinseKit hose. So in order to use the Auto-Nozzle, all you have to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor, and it dispenses a stream of water instantly. It’s like having a touchless sink - but it’s completely portable.

The Auto-Nozzle also comes with mounting equipment so that it can be suctioned to the side of a vehicle. So if you’re cooking on your truck bed or next to your vehicle, you can set up the RinseKit + Auto-Nozzle on the side of your vehicle to function as a fully touchless hand and dishwashing station. It’s truly an innovative product like no other.


tailgating portable shower


So you can see that, with the right equipment and preparation, you can turn your tailgating experience into a luxury experience with all of the amenities of home - but outside and at the game. With stylish seating, gourmet grilling gear, portable entertainment, portable power, portable temperature control and water dispensing solutions, you can create a tailgate party that is both comfortable and fun such that you will be the envy of the parking lot. Cheers to unforgettable tailgates!