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RinseKit does its job, so you can do yours.

RinseKit was made for the road and made for you. From fleet drivers to cable providers, repair technicians to first responders, everyone needs a way to stay clean and germ-free on the job. It’s about more than clean hands; now more than ever, it’s about protection. RinseKit is the only portable hand washing device that does not require pumping or batteries and can store enough water and pressure to wash your hands on the job all day long! And it can even be filled with soap, cleaning solution, or bleach. Your day just got a whole lot cleaner!

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" We are truly impressed with the product and offer it as a fantastic hand washing option at our station and couple it with our medical grade hand soap. Thank you for all of your work. Your company has been fantastic to work with! "

-Chief of Department, Caldwell EMS

" I work outdoors and RinseKit has made a world of difference. With all the hand washing going on now, hitting the windshield when reservoir is empty, spraying off boots, etc.Worth its weight in gold! "

-Michael S., Landscaper

" My hands tend to get pretty dirty. If you are looking for something to be able to wash your hands when on the road and there is no water source available to you, get a RinseKit. This thing is awesome! "

-Bernie B., Tank Driver

" I use the RinseKit to wash my hands between calls since Covid started and it has been great having it! In some occasion it has even been handy to cool down compressors and recovery tanks. "

- Jovanny Z, HVAC Technician

" I love this thing! I was always trying to find a way to take a shower daily instead of truck stop showers since I didn't know how clean they are. With this I just fill it up and shower in the truck or wash my hands after loading or unloading or cleaning task on the road. Love it! "

-Christopher R, Tractor Trailer Driver

" RinseKit is just what I needed for work. It is very important to be able to wash my hands and the RinseKit is perfect for my needs! "

- Carl B., Verizon Technician