4 Easy-to-Follow Steps!

1) Unscrew the lid with a built in pump from your bottle. Check the white O ring and make sure it is not warped or coiled. It should lay flat and snug at the base of the lid.

2) Check the two silicone tubes to make sure that there isn't any material that could be causing a clog. If there is something clogging the tube, you can pull the silicone tube out of the knob and use a pipe cleaner to remove the debris. You can insert the tube back into the knob once it is clear.

3) Make sure to release the pressure inside the bottle when you are ready to store.

4) Make sure the cap is screwed on tight before you begin pumping. A loose cap will allow pressure to escape!


We recommend using soap and water to keep your bottle clean. Be sure to wash it before you use it for the first time!

If you have used the Sport with any liquid other than water, we recommend cleaning the Sport with a white vinegar and water solution.

To clean the Sport’s internal cap parts, fill the bottle with about ¼ cup of vinegar and alternate pressing the Shower and Mist buttons to run the vinegar through the sprayers. Once the vinegar has run through, rinse the bottle, add in an additional ¼ cup of clean water and alternate pressing the Shower and Mist buttons to run the clean water through the sprayers.

Now your Sport is clean and ready to go on your next big adventure. Enjoy!