Introducing The Outdoor Culture Podcast brought to you RinseKit

We started a podcast. Not just any podcast, mind you, but a full-blown, three camera angle, mixer, and four mic podcast. We’re taking this seriously. Why, you may ask? 

Well, we at RinseKit consider ourselves outdoor professionals. Our products are made to be used outdoors - for camping, surfing, biking, and whatever other outdoor activity that may require a rinse afterwards. So we pride ourselves on being a contributor to outdoor culture, by providing products that benefit every outdoor enthusiast. 

Over the years, we have met many adventurers, pioneers, and overall epic people involved in the outdoor space. Through these connections, we’ve heard tons of incredible stories about outdoor mavericks of all kinds. Some of the stories we’ve come across and tips we’ve gleaned are so incredible they have to be shared. That’s why we started our podcast - The Outdoor Culture Podcast - to serve as a venue for adventurers to share their stories and to give our listeners tips and inspiration to encourage them to opt outside and explore.

Whether you're an avid surfer, frequent family camper or weekend beach extraordinaire, we want to inspire you to create an outdoor culture in your own life. Adventure is calling and we want to give you 100 reasons to say yes; because here at RinseKit, we believe Life’s Better Outdoors.

Our first episode features Pete Gustin, a talented and renown voice actor who defies the  limitations of Macular Degeneration to become the world’s first blind surfer. Since his youth, Pete has had rapidly deteriorating eyesight, but he never let it hinder his love of the outdoors. Even without the use of his sight, you will still find Pete out in the surf, ready to catch the perfect wave. In the podcast, we discuss the challenges Pete has overcome and what it is like to surf without sight.

So if you’re looking for an inspiring story, told from the voice behind some of your favorite movie trailers and news networks, about overcoming challenges most would think are impossible - check it out. Pete’s story will inspire you to try something new, defy the odds and embrace the outdoors. You can check out the full episode here: