RV Outdoor Showers: What are your Options?

rv outdoor shower


RV’s are all the rage these days. Go to any campground in the US, and you’ll see hundreds of them. Remote workers, retirees and outdoor enthusiasts alike have discovered that RV camping combines the luxuries of home with the novelty and beauty of the outdoors,  and thus, the number of owners has skyrocketed in recent years.

RV’s are great because you can fit all types of amenities in them that you need for the road - including bathrooms and showers. But if you’re really using your RV, you likely are going to be taking it to places where you’re going to get sandy and dirty, and you don’t want to track that filth inside on the way to the shower. That’s why every RV owner needs an outdoor shower, so they can keep the grime outside and not track it inside. 

Why You Need an Outdoor Shower for Your RV

The beauty of RVing lies in the freedom to explore various landscapes. Whether you're hiking, biking, or simply lounging by a lake, you're bound to get a bit dirty. Having an outdoor shower eliminates the hassle of tracking dirt into your living space and ensures you can refresh yourself right at your campsite.

Types of RV Outdoor Showers

There are two main varieties of outdoor showers for RV’s. Which one works best for you will depend on your intended use: are you going to be taking full showers outside, or do you need it to just rinse off after a hike? Do you want to be able to use it for other purposes or are you going to be using it just for showering? Let’s look at the main choices you have for RV outdoor showers to see which is best for different situations.

Wall-Mounted Showers

Wall-mounted outdoor showers are a permanent fixture on your RV. They offer a consistent water supply and are relatively straightforward to use. Installation might require some plumbing work, but they provide a seamless bathing experience.


  • Cheap option
  • Can have decent pressure
  • Mounts on the side of RV


  • Limited hose length
  • Can’t be moved
  • Only good for showering

While a wall-mounted shower is great for showering, it’s not very versatile. You can only use it for showering. Some include a sink, but mostly, they have one use. If you’re washing other things on the outside of your RV, like your feet, your hands or gear, you may want to consider another option.

Portable Showers

Portable showers are versatile and convenient. While there are different types of portable showers, they mostly come with a built-in water source, making them suitable for boondocking or campsites without water hookups. Portable showers are easy to set up, use, and store.


  • Portable, so can be moved away from RV
  • Many uses besides just showering
  • Can have great pressure
  • Can be filled via alternative water sources
  • Doesn’t rely on power from RV


  • Certain models lack good pressure
  • Certain models have low capacity
  • Can be pricey
  • Some models require propane

So you can see that portable showers are good for showering, as well as a slew of other uses in the outdoors including cooking, cleaning gear, washing animals off and more. So if you’re looking for a versatile tool that you can use for several purposes, a portable shower is a good option.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Outdoor Shower

Before choosing an RV outdoor shower, consider the following factors:

Water Source and Capacity

Check if the shower connects to your RV's water supply or if it has its water reservoir. Assess the water capacity to ensure it's sufficient for your needs.

Installation Complexity

Evaluate the complexity of installation. Some showers might require professional installation, while others can be set up with basic tools.

Materials and Durability

Look for showers made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. Stainless steel and high-grade plastics are common choices.


If you need a portable pressurized water source outside for any reason besides showering, you should consider that when making your choice.

Temperature Control

If you need hot water for your shower (which you probably will) you should consider which option makes the most sense in your situation. Heating water with electricity is pretty tough, so likely you will need propane to heat the water.

Why a Portable Shower is the Best Option

When you look at the different factors that we’ve listed above, you’ll find that, when looking at the right portable shower, it is a superior option to the built-in shower for your RV. Now, it can’t be just any portable shower, as some models are complicated to use and don’t deliver the pressure you need. RinseKit portable showers are the superior portable showers for RV’s, for the following reasons:

Why RinseKit is the Best Outside Shower for RV’s

rinsekit for rvs

RinseKit portable showers are the perfect outside shower for RV’s, providing everything campers need for a hot, high-pressure shower anywhere. Here are five reasons why it's the perfect choice:

  1. Outstanding Portability: Every RinseKit comes with all components built-in. That means everything you need, from the water tank to the pump to the hose, is neatly designed into a small box-like shape. Also equipped with a sturdy top-handle, the RinseKit is easy to carry around.
  2. Impressive High Pressure: Fueled by a battery, each RinseKit delivers a remarkable high-pressure spray at 50PSI. That means you can take the same high-pressure shower you’d take at home, anywhere.
  3. User-Friendly Operation: Thanks to battery-powered pressurization, using a RinseKit is a breeze. Just fill it through the top cap, hit the power button, and you'll enjoy high pressure spray instantly accessible at your fingertips.
  4. Versatile Functionality: The RinseKit boasts exceptional versatility due to its battery-pressurization and all-in-one design. Beyond a shower, it doubles as a hose, handwashing station, or even a van washer—adapting effortlessly to diverse needs during your travels.
  5. Heating Options Available: Every RinseKit model offers heating options, ensuring that no matter your location, a hot shower is within reach.
  6. Built Tough: The RinseKit Cube and Rack Shower are made from military-grade materials, and the battery is rated for over 15,000 hours of use, so you know your RinseKit will perform for years and years.

The Ultimate RV Outside Shower Setup

Now that you know that the RinseKit is the superior portable shower for your outdoor RV shower setup - there’s two accessories that you need with it for the ultimate private, hot, high pressure outdoor showering experience. The first is the RinseKit HyperHeater.

The RinseKit HyperHeater

rv outdoor shower hot

The RinseKit HyperHeater is a portable propane water heater that works with any RinseKit model. How it works is that the pump in the RinseKit cycles water through the HyperHeater, where an attached propane bottle lights a flame to heat the water. The water is then pumped through another hose on the other side of the HyperHeater, giving you water up to 110°F in 30 seconds or less. It makes it so you can have a piping hot shower anywhere almost instantly.

The RinseKit Shelter Shower Tent

rv outdoor showering

What’s a shower without some privacy? A Shower tent, like the RinseKit Shelter, is designed to provide you with cover and a clean place to shower. Shower tents are tall enough for you to stand up in and mount a shower in the corner. Like portable showers though, not all shower tents are created equal. 

The RinseKit Shelter is what you’d call a deluxe shower tent. First off, it’s got two rooms, one for changing in and one for showering in. It comes equipped with a towel rack, tons of storage pockets, a hanger for the shower nozzle and mesh floors for water drainage. It’s also pops up, so it’s super easy and quick to setup. Combine it with the RinseKit and the HyperHeater, and you’ve got the ultimate portable, private hot shower on demand anywhere.


Investing in an RV outdoor shower opens up a world of comfort and convenience during your camping adventures. While there are many options, a portable shower, and in particular a RinseKit combined with a HyperHeater and RinseKit Shelter Shower tent can provide a fully private, high pressure hot shower wherever your RV roams.