Temporary Shower During Renovations: What Are Your Options?

temporary shower during renovation


Renovating your home is an adventure filled with decisions and creativity, but it also brings the unavoidable challenge of living without certain amenities, like your bathroom. This can mean you could be without a toilet, and a shower for a long period of time. This raises the question: how do you stay clean and maintain your daily routine during this period? Let's explore your options for temporary showers during renovations.

Temporary Shower During Renovation Options

  1. Gym or Community Center Showers: The External Solution

If setting up a temporary shower at home isn't feasible, consider using facilities at your local gym or community center. This option requires a bit of scheduling and travel but offers the advantage of full bathroom facilities. It’s a great way to maintain your routine, especially if you already have a gym membership.

  1. Stay with Friends or Family

Another option during intense phases of renovation is to stay temporarily with friends or family. This not only solves the shower dilemma but can also provide a much-needed break from the renovation chaos. It’s a good temporary solution, particularly during critical renovation phases when the bathroom is completely out of order.

  1. Renting Portable Bathroom Units

For extensive renovations, consider renting a portable bathroom unit. These units come with fully functional showers, toilets, and sinks, offering a complete bathroom experience. They are more expensive than other options but provide a high level of comfort and convenience, especially for long-term projects.

  1. Portable Shower Units: The Convenient Choice

Portable showers are an increasingly popular choice for home renovations. These units are versatile, easy to install, and can be set up in various locations around your house. Whether in your backyard, garage, or a temporary enclosure, portable showers offer a practical solution. They come with features like adjustable water pressure, temperature control, and some even have built-in heaters. This means you can enjoy a comfortable shower experience, close to what you’re accustomed to, without the need for complex plumbing installations.

Showering Considerations During a Renovation

There are a few major things you’ll need to consider when considering what to do about your shower situation when you’re getting renovations done. Here are the major factors you’ll want to think about:

  1. Duration and Scale of Renovation
  • Short-term vs. Long-term: For short-term renovations (a few days), using external facilities like a gym might be more convenient. For longer projects, investing in a portable shower unit may make more sense.
  • Extent of Renovation: If the renovation is extensive and affects water lines or heating, having an on-site temporary shower is advantageous as it can function independently.
  1. Space and Privacy Considerations
  • Available Space: The amount of available space in your home affects what type of temporary shower you can accommodate. Portable showers can fit in smaller spaces, like backyards or garages.
  • Privacy Needs: When setting up a temporary shower at home, consider privacy. Portable units with enclosures or setups in secluded areas of the home are ideal.
  1. Budget Constraints
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While gym memberships or portable bathroom rentals offer full facilities, they can be costly over time. A one-time purchase of a portable shower, though initially more expensive, might be more economical in the long run.
  • Utility Costs: Consider the cost of water and heating. Some portable showers are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing the overall cost during renovations.
  1. Water Access and Plumbing
  • Water Source: You need to know whether you will have water at all during renovation. If you don’t have access to any water - you will likely need to leave your home all together. If you can access your sink or hose, you can at least fill up a portable shower.
  • Drainage: Proper drainage is crucial. Portable showers need a place where water can drain without causing issues, which might limit where you can set them up.
  1. Lifestyle and Convenience
  • Daily Routine: Your daily schedule will influence your choice. If you have a hectic routine, a quick and easy solution like a portable shower at home is ideal.
  • Family Size: For larger families, having an accessible and easy-to-use option like a portable shower is more practical than external options.
  1. Post-Renovation Use
  • Long-Term Utility: Consider if the temporary shower can be used post-renovation. Portable showers, for instance, can be used for other activities like camping, beaching and more.

So you can see that, if you have access to water and you do not want to have to pay for a costly gym membership or crash at a friend's house, a portable shower is the best choice for a temporary shower during a home renovation. There are many types of portable showers that vary in their form and function, so knowing what type of portable shower to choose is important, especially when choosing a temporary shower to use during your renovation. Let’s look at the various types of portable showers and how they function, so you can know what to look for when doing your research.

shower during renovation

The Different Types of Portable Showers

  1. Gravity-Fed Portable Showers
  • Form: These showers often consist of a bag or container that holds water. The bag is hung from a height, and gravity pulls water down through a hose and showerhead.
  • Function: Ideal for outdoor use or simple setups. They are basic, with no heating or pressure control.
  • Best For: Quick, easy showers when minimal setup is required, and warm water and pressure are not a priority.
  1. Pressurized Portable Showers
  • Form: Pressurized showers have a container that is pressurized manually or via a pump. This pressure forces water out through the showerhead.
  • Function: Offers a more consistent flow than gravity-fed models. Some have temperature control or can be connected to hot water sources.
  • Best For: Those seeking a more shower-like experience with better water pressure.
  1. Battery-Powered or Electric Portable Showers
  • Form: These showers use a battery or electric pump to draw water from a container and push it through a showerhead.
  • Function: Provides steady water pressure. Some models can heat water, making them suitable for colder climates or comfort.
  • Best For: Comfort seekers who want a hot shower with consistent pressure, without manual pumping.
  1. Gas-Powered Portable Showers
  • Form: These units use propane to heat water. They do not include a tank and must suction water from an external water source and heat it using propane. 
  • Function: Provides hot water and good pressure. Requires propane for operation.
  • Best For: Remote locations next to a water source where electricity is not available but hot showers are desired.

So you can see that portable showers vary greatly in their form, function and price. But which one is best as a temporary shower solution during renovation? You’ll want to choose one that is like your normal shower: easy to use, high pressure, with heat - but you’ll need to consider portability so you can move it around your house. Considering all these factors, let’s look at RinseKit and how its battery-powered pressure system makes it the best choice for a temporary shower solution during a renovation.


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Why RinseKit Is a Standout Choice for Temporary Showers

Focusing on portable showers, RinseKit emerges as a standout choice for your temporary shower needs during renovations. Why is RinseKit ideal?

  • High Pressure: The battery-powered pressurization of RinseKit portable showers ensures that they always provide a high pressure spray that is consistent, and is not dependent on the amount of water in the tank. It sprays at 50 PSI, which is comparable to your normal shower.
  • Heating Options: With accessories like the RinseKit HyperHeater, you can enjoy hot  showers, combining the comfort of gas-powered and electric showers. The HyperHeater heats water up to 110 F in 30 seconds, which is actually faster than your normal shower.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Designed for easy transport and setup, they're ideal for temporary setups during renovations. You can easily carry a RinseKit to and from your water source, using it is as easy as pressing the power button and spraying.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them adaptable for different stages of your renovation.

rinsekit as a temporary shower

In summary, while renovations can disrupt your daily life, they don’t have to hinder your personal hygiene and comfort. Portable showers, like those from RinseKit, provide a practical, comfortable solution for showering during a renovation. They not only serve your immediate needs but also offer lasting value long after your renovation project is complete. With RinseKit, embrace your home transformation journey without compromising on your daily comforts!