RinseKit VS. Waterport

There’s a lot of portable showers out there, and nowadays, it may be hard for people to tell them apart. The thing most people don’t know is that there are big differences between each portable shower brand and model that can make them better or worse for certain uses or activities. Common factors like heating, pressurization, capacity and fill method should all be carefully considered when comparing portable showers to make sure you make the right purchase.

At RinseKit, we know that we were the original portable shower company. Our debut on Shark Tank made people aware of what a portable shower was, and since then, as we’ve grown, other portable shower companies have popped up.

RinseKit Pressurization

Patented Pressurization Technology- Despite what other portable shower companies say, RinseKit was and always has been the original portable pressurized shower, and we have patents to back that up. We filed for a patent on our pressurization system in 2014, before any other companies like Waterport sprouted up.

More Pressurization Options- RinseKit portable showers can be pressurized in a number of ways. The original pressure dependent models, including the Pod and the Plus, can be pressurized via a sink, hose bib or pressure pump. The new PRO is battery pressurized, so no pumping or other pressurization is necessary.

Top handle does not interfere with pressurization- Every RinseKit is specifically engineered to optimally hold pressurization. That’s why the top handle on every RinseKit is separate from the holding tank, as portable showers with handles fused with the holding tanks have issues maintaining pressure.

Waterport Pressurization

Pressurization stress point-The handle on the Waterport tank is a stress point, making the shape and design less suitable to holding pressure. If you know engineering at all, you know that the Waterport design is simply not built to hold pressure, which is why we wouldn’t suggest buying it if you really need a pressurized portable shower.

Added plastic to protect from cracking-  Over the years, Waterport has actually had to add plastic to their tank to hold pressure properly. Due to the design flaw of the handle, the case was unable to hold pressure before and would crack - so they had to continuously add plastic to prevent cracking.

Limited Pressurization Options- Waterport can only be pressurized using a hose bib or a pump. They do not offer any battery powered options.

RinseKit Portability

Ultimate Portability-The RinseKit embodies portability in the true sense of the word, in that you can take it anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be mounted or connected to anything.

Easy to carry- The top handle means you can easily carry a RinseKit around - you can put it in the front seat of your car, heck, you can carry it on the beach with you. It doesn’t have to connect to a car, it doesn’t have to be near a water source - it’s truly portable. Other “portable” shower companies cannot say the same.

Contained Hose- Every RinseKit model is designed such that the hose does not interfere with the portability. With the PRO and Plus, the hose fits under the lid in the top of both models. The Pod has an exterior wraparound holder that the hose can fit snugly into.

RinseKit Spray Power

• RinseKit’s 3.5 gallon PRO is battery operated so the spray is continuous and powerful. The consistent pressure of the PRO means you won’t experience any fluctuations in performance no matter how much water you use. Get a superior spray at the push of a button.

Waterport Spray Power

• Waterport is entirely pressure dependent which leads to large fluctuations in pressure and less usable spray. As you spray, more empty space gathers in the tank leading to lower water pressure and underperforming spray.

RinseKit Capacity

True Capacity- RinseKit doesn’t exaggerate its capacity. When we say 3.5 gallons, we mean it. If our tank needs to compensate for pressurization, we will say it. That’s why when we say gallons, we mean that as actual capacity.

Waterport Capacity

Exaggerated Capacity- Waterport will say it has a 3.8 gallon “tank”. That does not equal capacity. 25% of their tank has to be dedicated to pressurization, so that 3.8 gallon tank is not 3.8 gallons of capacity.

So you can see that, when it comes to being a “portable shower”, RinseKit lives up to its name, and Waterport does not. RinseKit is actually portable, has patented pressurization and heating, and has real capacity that we don’t exaggerate. RinseKit also has a lot of design features that increase its utility including: internal storage space, weight bearing containers for sitting and standing, built in ruler and tabletop and more! It’s clear that, if you’re looking for a real portable shower, RinseKit is the choice. Check out our various models on our “Shop Now” tab to see which one is for you!