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Who says you can't take the kitchen sink with you?! RinseKit gives you portable pressurized water on the go so you never have to worry about clean up. Wherever you go, we've got you covered!

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"We are truly impressed with the product and offer it as a fantastic hand washing option at our station and couple it with our medical grade hand soap. Thank you for all of your work. Your company has been fantastic to work with! "

-Chief of Department, Caldwell EMS



" My hands tend to get pretty dirty. If you are looking for something to be able to wash your hands when on the road and there is no water source available to you, get a RinseKit. This thing is awesome! "

-Bernie B., Tank Driver



" RinseKit is just what I needed for work. It is very important to be able to wash my hands and the RinseKit is perfect for my needs! "

- Carl B., Verizon Technician