10 Beach Must-Haves in 2021: Everything You Need for Fun in the Sun

It’s Summer and that means it’s time to plant your toes in the sand. After the last year we’ve had, more people than ever are chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy the sun at the beach, understandably so. If you’re one of those people, you want to maximize your time at the beach, which means you need to be well prepared with all the best beach equipment to optimize your experience on the shore. 

So you may be wondering: what are the best beach must-haves for Summer 2021?

Well, to help you savvy beach-goers out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beach must-haves in 2021. These new and innovative products will ensure that you have the best time on the beach possible, keeping you cool, comfortable and stress-free while on the sand.

What to Consider When Heading to the Beach in 2021

Let’s be honest, going to the beach isn’t always all sunshine, smiles and rainbows - especially if you’re unprepared. Before we hop into the list, let’s first cover the different factors that you should consider when heading to the beach that could potentially make your experience less enjoyable.

  • Getting to the beach - We all know this can be the biggest hassle when beaching. Without a doubt, getting yourself, your kids, and all your equipment from your car to the sand is the biggest challenge when trying to enjoy a beach day. For this reason, you need to be prepared for long waits, long walks, and large equipment loads when heading to the shore.
  • Staying shaded - If you want to be prepared for a long day at the beach, you have to protect yourself from the brutal sun. If not, you’re going to really regret it the next day. That’s why you need to bring some form of shading - it’s absolutely essential.
  • Staying protected - Along with shading, you’ll need sunscreen to protect your skin as well. Even if you sit in the shade most of the day, anytime you spend in direct sunlight can burn you, so you need a high SPF, non-toxic sunscreen to keep your skin healthy.
  • Staying hydrated - While you’re on the beach, you’ll need to keep hydrated, especially if you’re laying out in the hot sun. Most beaches have public restrooms with water fountains, but most people will want to bring their own water to have on hand.
  • Proximity to others - Let’s face it, many of us are not fully comfortable being super close to strangers yet. If that sounds like you, there may be situations at the beach, depending on what you do, where you will be close to other people. If you’re trying to avoid that situation, you need to pack accordingly.
  • Cleaning off - When you’re leaving the beach, you don’t want to bring it with you when you get in the car. That’s why having a plan for washing your body and equipment is important, or else you will have a very sandy and wet car when you get home.

So you can see there are some pretty important factors to consider when beaching it this Summer. If you don’t get these right, you may get burnt, dehydrated, or make your car a sandy mess. So let’s look at the top 10 products you should buy this Summer in order to prevent any of these hazards.

what to bring to the beach in 2021

The Top 10 Beach Must-Haves for Summer 2021

  1. The Lounge Wagon Beach Cart- If you can eliminate two of your beach needs with one product, you know it’s a good buy. That’s what you get with the Lounge Wagon, a beach cart / umbrella / beach chair combo that not only totes your beach equipment, but serves as a shade AND a chair as well. 
    lounge wagon beach cartbeach wagon
    The Lounge Wagon’s primary function is as a utility wagon - its large, all-terrain tires make it so you can easily carry your boogie boards, coolers, fishing poles, and even your kids over soft sand easily. It also boasts a double-wide umbrella and a comfortable double beach chair with head and arm rests, so it’s literally the whole package of beach portability and comfort. So if you’re looking to take care of your shading and equipment transporting needs all-in-one, the lounge wagon is for you.
  2. The Malo’o XL Drypack - You never know what will happen on the beach. A storm could roll in quickly, a rogue wave could come in, or an incoming tide could roll in and soak all your stuff. That’s why you need to have some kind of waterproof pack to keep your valuables, electronics, and clothes in.
    maloo dry pack
    For this reason, we suggest you purchase a large dry pack bag like the Malo’o XL Drypack. It’s a large fully waterproof drypack with heavy duty handle for hand carrying, or reinforced, ergonomically designed shoulder straps for backpack style carrying. Its 45-liter capacity and conveniently located front and side pockets make it perfect for easy access to phones or snacks. So if you have a large load of towels, clothes, snacks and electronics you’re transporting to the beach, you should definitely check out the Malo’o XL Drypack.
  3. The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler - There’s nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day, especially when you’re relaxing on the beach. That’s why you need a solid cooler that can keep all your beverages, adult or not, nice and frosty. The Yeti Hopper Flip cooler is a great option for those going for a quick beach day. Its wide mouth makes for easy loading, and solid capacity means you can fit what you need. Its state of the art insulation system will keep your beverages extra icy so you can be assured you’ll be extra refreshed with every sip.
    yeti hopper cooler
  4. The RinseKit Sport Spraying Water Bottle - If you’re doing a marathon beach day, it’s easy to get dehydrated or overheat if you’re not careful. You don’t want to be drinking from those beach water fountains, so obviously, you’re gonna want to bring your own water. As far as keeping cool, you can always hop in the water to cool down, but sometimes you just don’t want to completely submerge yourself.Imagine an item that could both help keep you hydrated, AND keep you cool? Well the good news is that there is such a thing. It’s called the RinseKit Sport, and it’s the latest innovative invention to come out of our HQO (what we call our warehouse in Vista, CA).
    rinsekit sport
    The RinseKit Sport is an insulated water bottle, much like a Nalgene or the many other brands out there, but with an innovative and fully unique twist. Much like any other insulated water bottle, it keeps your water extra cold for longer, which is critical on the beach. What sets it apart is it’s screw on cap that has a spraying and misting system built-in, so when you’re feeling a little bit hot in the sun, you can yourself a quick spritz, instead of having to fully submerge yourself in the ocean. It’s a fully portable way to both hydrate yourself with cold water, and keep yourself cool while lounging in the Sun.
  5. SunBum 30 SPF Reef Safe Sunscreen - Arguably the most important thing you can take to the beach is your sunscreen. While you can get away without some things, like shade, you absolutely cannot get away with not bringing sunscreen. When you’re choosing sunscreen, you also want to make sure, especially if you’re on the west coast or in Hawaii, that it’s reef safe. That’s why we think SunBum 30 SPF Reef safe sunscreen is a great choice. Their moisturizing sunscreen is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that prevents aging skin - it’s hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. What’s not to like?
    sun bum sunscreen
  6. The Catch Surf Womper - Everyone likes to bodysurf. It’s a fun way to ride waves for everyone; surfers, bodyboarders, and casual swimmers included. But if you’re going to be flopping around in the shorebreak, why not step up your body surfing game? That’s where the Catch Surf Womper comes in. It’s basically a miniature bodyboard, a 16” one to be exact. It’s enough foam to help you get into those shorebreak waves that you couldn’t catch with just your body, but not enough to be considered a bodyboard.
    catch surf womper
  7. Spikeball Set - If you’ve been to the beach in the last few years, you’ve probably witnessed a strange phenomenon: a group of guys around a circular net on the ground, diving and jumping to hit a ball onto it, rejoicing or yelling when they hit or miss it. Well, that is what is known as Spikeball, and it’s been wildly popular with beach goers everywhere in the last few years. It’s a great game to play with a group, and doesn’t require too much athletic prowess, as you don’t really have to run anywhere. It’s great for beach goers of all ages, and can really bring a group together.
    spike ball
  8. The Isopho Beach Blanket - Gone are the days of sitting on a beach towel. We’ve evolved from that. Why not get a larger size blanket that’s sturdy, sand and water resistant, and has multiple functions? Well that’s what you get with the new Isopho beach blanket, an Amazon best-selling sand and water proof blanket that’s big enough for 4-7 adults. Sit the whole family on one surface, don’t hassle with towels that get all sandy, and, just in case the tide comes in, you don’t have to worry about carrying a wet mess of towels back to the car. Use it at the beach, picnics, and more.
  9. The RinseKit PRO - When you get off the beach, you and your equipment will inevitably be very sandy. The question you have to ask yourself at that point is: do I really want to wait in line at the beach showers, if there even are any? I mean think about it, this Summer especially, you don’t want to have to wait in line or use the same shower as hundreds of other people. So why not get a portable shower that’s pressurized that you can keep in your car? That’s where the RinseKit PRO comes in.
    The RinseKit PRO is the latest portable shower to come out of the HQO, and it’s our most innovative product yet. With a high capacity 3.5 gallon tank, battery powered pressurization and 5-setting spray nozzle, it’s the ultimate solution for all your portable water spraying and showering needs. The best thing about it is that you can fill it right from your home sink, and the battery pressurizes the water, so you don’t have to hook it up to your hose spigot or anything else. The battery can last months on one charge, so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up every time you want to use it. It’s the ultimate solution for washing the sand off your feet, your chair, or your cart when you conclude your day at the beach.
  10. The RinseKit Microfiber Towel / Seat Cover - When you’re done washing off with your RinseKit or otherwise, you of course need to dry off before you get in the car, and then you need to sit on something that will keep you from getting your seat wet. Why not combine a high quality towel and a seat cover in one? That way, you don’t have to change out of your wet bathing suit at the beach, and you can guarantee that you won’t get your seat wet like a thin towel typically would.That’s where the RinseKit towel comes in. It’s a microfiber towel, which means it is not only more absorbent, but that it also doesn’t retain odors. It also boasts a reinforced headrest opening, which means it’s perfect for draping over your car seat as a post-beach seat cover. You’ll not only be dryer, but your car seats won’t get wet and smelly like they would with other beach towels.

So there you have it, the top 10 beach must-haves for Summer 2021. These innovative items will ensure that you get to and from the beach easier and have more fun when you’re there, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned, your equipment wet, or your messy car after the fact. After all, you’re going to the beach to relieve your stress, so why not make it a stress-free experience? These items will do just that.