Bonnaroo Showers: Your Guide to Staying Fresh at the Festival

bonnaroo showers

Experiencing Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an unforgettable journey filled with amazing music, art, and camaraderie. However, amidst the excitement, one practical aspect needs attention: maintaining personal hygiene. In the midst of summer's heat, staying clean and refreshed isn't just about comfort; it's a necessity. Knowing your shower options is key for a pleasant festival experience.

Let's explore the shower facilities Bonnaroo provides, as well as alternative solutions campers can bring for a hassle-free, refreshing shower experience.

Bonnaroo's Provided Shower Facilities

Complimentary Showers: Basic Yet Effective

  • Hours:
    • Thursday: 5pm-8pm.
    • Friday to Sunday: 7am-2pm & 8pm-2am.
    • Limited 24-hour showers available from Friday 7am to Sunday 2am.
  • Locations:
    • Available in specific camping areas (check festival map for exact locations).
  • Details:
    • Truck trailer showers with separate changing areas.
    • Essentials: Bring shower shoes, a towel, and a bag for your items.
    • Note: Expect long lines during peak hours, possibly waiting for 1-2 hours.

Premium Showers: A Step Up for a Fee

  • Hours:
    • Friday to Sunday: 7am-2pm.
  • Locations:
    • Available in select camping areas.
  • Details:
    • Less crowded, mirrors, power outlets, and toiletries available for purchase.
    • Tip: First day might have longer queues.
    • Cost: $10 per use.

VIP Showers: Exclusive Access

  • Hours:
    • Similar to other shower facilities.
  • Access:
    • Only for VIP ticket holders.

As with any public showers, there are concerns with Bonnaroo showers concerning sanitation, privacy, cost, and temperature. Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of showers at Bonnaroo to better understand what they are really like.

The Downsides of Bonnaroo Showers

  • Long Lines: With thousands of attendees, be prepared for significant waiting times.
  • Limited Pressure: Bonnaroo showers are notorious for having bad pressure. Taking a weak shower is not only not satisfying, it may not be enough pressure to knock off really stuck mud and grime.
  • Variable Water Temperature: Inconsistent temperatures can be expected.
  • Restricted Timings: Operating hours may not align with your festival plans.
  • Sanitation: Being used by thousands of people a day, Bonnaroo showers are notoriously dirty. 
  • Cost for Premium Showers: Expenses can accumulate if opting for the paid showers.

For those who value convenience, privacy, and a clean, comfortable showering experience, exploring portable shower options is a good idea as an alternative to using the communal Bonnaroo showers. However, not all portable showers are the same, so it’s important to research thoroughly before making a choice.

bonnaroo shower lines

Types of Portable Showers for Bonnaroo

Solar Bag Showers
      • Function: They harness solar power to warm water inside a bag, which is then released through a hose and nozzle by gravity.
        • Environmentally Friendly: Utilizes sustainable solar energy.
        • No Need for Electricity: Operates independently of external power sources.
        • Lightweight and Mobile: Easy to carry and straightforward to set up.
        • Dependent on Weather: Needs sunny weather for effective heating and may take a while to warm up.
        • Weak Water Pressure: Gravity-fed, resulting in weak water flow and needs to be hung above the user.
        • Inconsistent Water Temperature: The heat of the water can be variable.
Pump-Action Portable Showers
      • Function: These are manually pumped to create pressure in a water container, propelling water through a hose and nozzle.
        • No Electrical Power Required: Fully manual functionality.
        • Space-Efficient: Compact design, easy to store.
        • Physical Effort: Involves manual pumping, which might be exhausting, especially after a long day.
        • Limited Pressure Sustainability: Requires regular re-pumping to maintain water pressure.
        • Lack of Built-in Heating: The only way to get hot water is by externally heating it before manually pouring it into the tank..
Propane Heated Portable Showers
      • Function: These use a propane heater to warm water from an external tank, which is then channeled through a hose and nozzle.
        • Hot Water Availability: Provides the luxury of warm showers.
        • High Water Pressure: Generally offers more powerful pressure than other portable shower types.
        • Complex Setup: Involves multiple components and can be cumbersome to assemble.If you lose a piece, you will likely not be able to shower.
        • Safety Measures: Requires careful handling of propane.
        • Bulkiness: Generally heavier and less portable.
        • Ongoing Expense: Propane tanks need regular refilling or replacement.
        • External Water Requirement: Needs a separate water source for operation like a bucket, river or stream.
Battery-Powered Portable Showers
  • Function: Powered by rechargeable batteries, these showers pump water through a hose, either from a built-in reservoir or an external source.
      • Consistent Pressure: Provides a stable flow of water.
      • Versatile Water Source Usage: Can be used for water needs other than showering, like handwashing, dish cleaning, etc.
      • Portable: Easy to transport and set up.
      • Battery Maintenance: Needs charging or replacement batteries.
      • Higher Price Point: Generally more costly than other types.
      • Need for Separate Water Storage: Requires an additional water container if not integrated.

So you can see that when it comes to portable showers, there are a number of choices and some may be better for your situation depending on your intended use and how much money you want to spend. If you’re looking for a solution that is convenient, easy to use, portable, and powerful, a battery-pressurized system is likely the best choice. 

If you do your research into battery-pressurized portable showers, you’ll find that RinseKit is the superior choice. Here’s why:

Introducing RinseKit: The Ultimate Bonnaroo Shower Solution

portable shower for bonnaroo

When it comes to battery-powered portable shower options, RinseKit stands superior, offering power, convenience, and reliability. Here's why RinseKit is a transformative solution for Bonnaroo festival-goers:

On-Demand Convenience:
  • RinseKit's portable showers feature battery-pressurized systems with an onboard water tank. Simply fill with water, press the power button, and you’ve got a consistent, high-pressure spray that remains steady throughout use. This ease of operation allows you to freshen up quickly and effortlessly, anytime and anywhere, without having to adjust your festival itinerary to fit in shower times.
  • Enjoy the luxury of showering in your preferred spot, whether it's close to your campsite or in a more secluded area, steering clear of the communal shower crowds.
Consistent Water Pressure:
  • Thanks to the battery-powered pressurization, RinseKit showers maintain a robust and steady flow of water, regardless of the tank's water level. This means you get the same pressure as your home shower, ensuring you don't compromise on the quality of your shower experience.
Efficient and Eco-Friendly:
  • Equipped with a high-capacity tank (ranging from 3.5 to 5 gallons), RinseKit provides ample water for a comprehensive rinse while promoting water conservation — a vital consideration for festival settings.
Ease of Use and Portability
  • RinseKit showers are designed for straightforward operation, filling, and transportation, making them an excellent fit for the festival environment. Each unit includes a convenient top handle, akin to a cooler, for easy mobility.
Multifunctionality for Festival Needs:
    • Beyond just showering, the versatility of RinseKit extends to cleaning festival gear, dishes, hands, and more. On hot days, the mist function offers a refreshing way to cool off at your campsite.
    Available Heating Options:
    • All RinseKit Portable Showers are compatible with heating accessories, including the propane-powered HyperHeater. The HyperHeater swiftly heats water up to 100°F in mere seconds as it pumps through from the RinseKit. This combination allows you to enjoy a piping hot, high-pressure shower similar to what you're accustomed to at home, all within a few minutes.

    rinsekit for bonnaroo

    Enhancing Privacy with the RinseKit Shelter

    Add a shower tent, like the RinseKit Shelter, for a completely private shower experience right at your campsite. It's equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable and private shower. Paired with the RinseKit and the HyperHeater, you can take a piping hot, high pressure shower in complete privacy right at your campsite.

    shower tent for bonnaroo

    At Bonnaroo, where every minute is precious, RinseKit provides an efficient, private, and enjoyable showering solution. It's more than just a way to stay clean; it's about maximizing your festival experience with comfort and hygiene