Though we are confident we could give you an EPIC ROAD TRIP CHECKLIST for your next adventure, we decided to let the pros cover this one! 

We are so stoked to have our ambassadors Stephen & Giselle with us to give us an insight on the TOP 5 MUST HAVES FOR YOUR NEXT ROAD TRIP! 


Stephen & Giselle are two lovebirds who decided one day during the pandemic that they were going to try to take their love for traveling into something that could also make them money. With any new idea or business comes a name.... Giselle has a background in marketing which led her to realize for SEO reasons they needed a name that was relevant to the travel industry. She found that some of the top researched terms in the travel industry were passport and love, hence the name @THELOVERSPASSORT. Pretty dang clever if you ask us!

Traveling isn't their full time job but you would have hard time thinking it's not after taking one look at their Instagram (@THELOVERSPASSORT) which currently has 145k followers. They both currently have full time jobs as-well, while continuing to grow their travel blog.

We wanted to know if they had to choose 5 things to bring on every road trip what would they be! Below are their responses!



"So number 1 I would say Refletixs. We use this to keep theft out. Super easy... you can buy it on Amazon (or Home Depot). We put in on all of our windows to keep our bed in here nice and cool and it helps give us a little more privacy when we are camping."


"Number two probably be our Cooler (portable electric fridge) we just got this bad boy. A fridge or a cooler, it's super essential because if you are balling on a budget we recommend bringing your own food and that way it keeps all of the food nice and fresh the whole time."

#3 RinseKit PRO

"Number 3 would have to be our RinseKit PRO (portable shower). We just upgraded this actually from the RinseKit PLUS and we love the capacity change. That's been really really helpful since there is two of us we are both using it for a shower and we got Karen so spraying her down and giving her a bath afterward we have so much water in there compared to the  RinseKit PLUS. And it is really nice we can set it out as soon as we get to camp, usually by the time we are done getting camp all set up we can go to it and its nice and hot. So ice little warm shower. 


 "Number 4 we have our Jackery (portable power station).  This our our solar powered or electricity power generator. We charge all of our electronics while we are on the road with it. You got three plugs, some USB outlets, also we can charge our fridge with it which is really nice. And it comes with 2 solar panels so you can charge it if you are in the middle of nowhere and you don't a plug in your car. So that is an essential for us!"


"Would just simply be a big water jug. This is our six gallon jug. It can last us about 3-4 days depending on how much we are doing. We use this mostly for drinking water but you can wash dishes and refill our RinseKit. Since its battery powered we don't have to worry about pressurizing it or anything. Once click of a button it automatically does that do it makes it nice & easy to refill it!"


See our entire MEETUP in San Diego below w/ @THELOVERSPASSPORT:


Happy Traveling!

Stephen, Giselle & The RinseKit Team!