which heater is right for you?

We offer heater accessories for all of our portable showers, but they all work slightly different. Keep scrolling to find out which heater will work best for your lifestyle.

an in depth look

pro immersion heater

Powered by a trailer hitch cord, the electric heater gradually heats the water in your RinseKit.

✓ Compatible w/ the RinseKit PRO
• Heating on the Go
• LED Top Display Panel
• Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Rod
• Safety Shutoff
• 8 Foot Long Power Cord

🔥 Heats water approximately 24°F per hour


Powered by propane gas, the HyperHeater turns your RinseKit into an instant hot shower.

✓ Compatible w/ the RinseKit PRO, Cube, & Rack Shower
• Hot Water Instantly
• Temperature Control
• Propane Operated
• Max Flow Shower Head Nozzle
• Safety Shutoff
• Convenient Storage Carrying Bag

🔥 Makes hot water (110°F) in less than 30 seconds

hot rod water heater

Powered via 12v plug, the Hot Rod heats the water in your RinseKit while you drive to your next adventure.

✓ Compatible w/ the RinseKit Plus & Pod
• Heats as you Go
• Automatic Safety Shutoff
• Corrosion Resistant
• 8 Foot Power Cord

🔥 Heats up water 11°F every 30 minutes in the Plus, and 13°F in the Pod

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